Thursday, April 27, 2006

Round Round Get Around

*to the tune of beach boys!*

Round round get around. I get around....

Not really. I have been turning around tho. I don't know what got into my M's head, and she has decided to teach me a new trick. Me, an old dog, new trick. This does not bode well for my future.

Every morning now, for the last 3 mornings, my breakfast has been accompanied by the repetitive command of 'Turn around, Herbie'. A 5 course breakfast (by which I mean 5 bitesize pieces of biscuits, although I wished that it was a full course), would mean 5 rounds. She's been going on and on about turning around like a spoiled tape recorder.

My M was telling Aunty G and Aunty W about her new mission last night, and Aunty G proudly annouced that Big Boss Jack used to be able to turn both right AND left circles. Thanks a LOT, Aunty G, for putting more crazy ideas into my M's non too sane head. And Aunty W was not that helpful either, going on about how to execute the 'play dead' trick. The only thing I feel like executing now is myself.

I wonder how long more this turning around thing will last. I hope it's only a fad.

Excuse me while I go lie down. I need to recover from my dizzy spell.

1 comment:

Joey said...

Pity your little brother not coming yet. I am lucky cos my HC was too lazy to teach me any tricks as she had spent too much effort on Jack before. For once, I am so glad I had Jack as a brother.
Actually, Jack said he forgotten all the tricks by now!