Friday, April 14, 2006

Checkin' in

I think I'm a very lucky dog... really, I am! How many dogs can say that they have checked into a hotel before? Not smuggled in, but walking in through the front door? Anyway, I can't be smuggled anywhere even if I want to. I'm too big to fit into a carrier. My M always said that if she needs to smuggle me somewhere, this is the only thing that can fit me, and she'll still need to drill some holes in the bag so that I can breath.

Smuggle bag with wheels... for your poor aching back

Well, I managed to check myself into Four Seasons Hotel last year, courtesy of my M and MM, coz they were getting married there. Mind you, I almost could not attend their wedding. They had told the coordinator that I am a retriever, and I do not know what that guy was doing, thinking that I am a small dog. Oh yeah, I was small, about 6 years ago!

Apparently Four Seasons have a weight/ size limit for pets, and I am way beyond that limit. The coordinator asked my M if she could find someone to look after me, but it was the wedding day, everyone has been invited to it, who would be able to look after me? Besides, I don't want to miss the food!

Luckily, the coordinator told my M not to worry, they'll let me stay for the night, and maybe some arrangements could be made for me to be looked after by someone the next day. So there I was, checked into the suite. Check out the bed! It's the first, and also the last time my M allowed me onto their bed.

Big Bed!

They decided that I took up too much space on the bed while sleeping, and now the only bed I'm allowed onto is the sofa bed. Oh well, better make the best out of the king sized bed before I get chased away.

Can this be my permanent bed please?

It was soooo comfy, that I almost did not want to leave.

If I hide myself here, no one can find me and chase me away

After the wedding, my M and MM opened up all the Ang Pows they got and started counting the money. And I got to take photos with all that cash. Wow, I've never seen so much money at once before. Too bad they're not going into my pockets.

Now let's see, do I have change for a $50?

Now that I think about it, I've been to a wedding and a funeral. Yes, I've been to a funeral too, no one was pantang about it, and I'm sure Uncle Bob welcomed me and my friends to his funeral. We even sent him off at Mandai crematorium. Anyway, as I was saying, maybe if I go for 3 more weddings, I can shoot my very own, 4 Weddings and a funeral! I'll be the next Hugh Grant! Or Herbie T!

Anyone wants to invite me to their wedding? You'll be mentioned in the movie's credits.

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Joey said...

Don't think the width size of the luggage can fit in herbie. I have seen his stomach size!!!!