Tuesday, April 18, 2006

How to make yourself less attractive

I don't know what is it with me recently, that all the dogs seem to have taken a liking (or rather, humping) to me. Kafv has started humping me again, and now Joey is jumping onto the bandwagon as well!

Joey: Maybe I'll try humping to see what all the hype is about...

I highly suspect it is the shampoo that Uncle C bought. So to counter the smell of the shampoo, I came up with this brillant plan yesterday to make myself less attractive. When my MM took me down for my toilet break last evening, I took the opportunity to roll in.... poop! Now, the theory is, with smelly poop smell on me, no longer will I be attractive.

Unfortunately, that also caused me to get a scolding, a kok on the head and.... another bath! My plan totally backfired! Or maybe not. You know what they say about dogs having good sense of smell? Well, Rafv turned his head away after taking a whiff at me, even after my bath. So I guess the shampoo could not cover the underlying poops smell. However, Tommy needs more work, he was as interested in me as ever.

Now, I wonder what smell would put Tommy off.... hmm, maybe the smell of rain?

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Joey said...

This is a conspiracy! Your M was secretly encouraging me and my HC pretend she didn't see the humping (she usually will reprimand if I hump) so that pic can be taken. I feel so cheated!!!!!