Monday, April 03, 2006

Outing at WCDR

My M and MM took me to West Coast Dog Run on Saturday, a change from my usual dog run. Turned out that my M joined some photographer's outing. Luckily, the weather was good, coz it was raining over at our end, and my M actually thought of not going.

My usual friends were not there, but I met some new friends.


dogs at play

Perpetually worried looking Ping Ping

unknown schnauzer


scuba said...

When we saw you that night after your WCDR outing, you definitely look tired.

New friends do make you feel tired don't they? Coz you got to start from fresh (oops I mean new) like sniffing their what's the name!!!!! and then you want to make sure they interact with you.

herbs_of_love said...

beautiful shots - may i know which camera was used?

Sam I am said...

Wow!!Your Outing at WCDR looks like it was a hoot.And may I say your new friends look like they where happy to meet you,A sniffing good time .


herbie said...

My M's using a Canon 20D.

sam I am: yup, was really tired by the end of the day!

Sky Clapton said...

Look like you enjoy yourself at WCDR =) Did you get to know any new girlfriends?