Monday, April 10, 2006

Habits are contagious

You know the chinese saying "近朱者赤,近墨者黑"? Which literally means, "One who goes near vermilion gets stained red, one who goes near ink gets stained black", which also means that, one will take on the behaviour of one's company.

I think we dogs have been seeing each other so often that we've taken on one another's habit.

Case No 1:
I don't know why, but whenever Scuba is scratched on his side, back, front, belly.... well, almost everywhere, his legs will start twitching. I've never really had an 'itchy' spot, unlike Scuba. But recently, in the past few months, I started having an 'itchy' spot as well. Everytime someone scratches my side, my legs will start twitching. Even when my M brushes me, I'll twitch as well.

Case No 2:
Tommy never had the habit of begging around the dining table. But recently he has taken to hovering near the table like the rest of us and begging for food. Darn, one more competitor!

Case No 3:
I never used to make too much noise when playing, but after playing wirh Rafv too much when I stayed over at Aunty V's house last year, I learnt to growl a bit when playing from Rafv. But now that I don't stay there, I've lost this habit.

I wonder if any of my good points (like calmness, peace-loving etc etc) has rubbed off on any of my friends (like Rafv and Tommy). Would any dog want to enrol in my meditation class? *ohmmmm*

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ice's slave said...

can u teach Ice to be calm and not to jump and scratch my legs whenever i bring out his leash? PLS... I THROW IN ONE WHOLE CHICKEN!!!