Sunday, April 02, 2006

No more bad nail days!

Or so I hope.... As I've said before, my M is very bad at cutting nails, my nails, that is. She has no problem with her own nails.

Many a times, she has cut through my quick and caused my nails to bleed. Lucky for her, I am a sturdy dog, and have a high threshold of pain. Well, I remember the first time she made me bleed, she was in such a panic that the blood did not seem to stop flowing, and the blood stopper she bought had hardened up. She had to rush out to the petshop opposite the road to buy a new bottle of blood stopper.

By the time I waited for her to return.... guess what? I fell asleep.... from the long wait. Or maybe I fainted from the loss of blood. Well that was not the last time my nails bled. Over the years, I've lost count of the number of times they bled. And M my has become so hardened over the years that no longer will she panic. She will now just stuff cotton wool on the injured digit and continue with the rest of my nails with just a 'sorry'. Talk about heartless!

Well, maybe not so heartless. Aunty G told her that homefix is having a discount on the dremel pet nail grinder, and she bought one for me. Instead of cutting the nails, the grinder is supposed to file the nails. And the advantage is that it is less likely for my quick (which is the vein that supplies blood to my nails) to be cut, and the nails will be smooth, and less likely to scratch others.

No more bloody nails

All hail my new saviour!


Scuba said...

Haha your M realised how easy it was when she borrowed my dremel pet nail grinder. I was hoping she would keep it for you and won't return it. Darn. Now even if I spoil my nail grinder, my mom will know who to borrow it from.

amda said...

Hmm,hw much did u pay for da grinder & where can i get it? Its battery op or mus charge?

herbie said...

My M bought it from homefix. Usual price is about $70+, but now on promo at $58. DOn't know how long the promo will be tho, and some branches don't know about the promo, so gotta tell them to check. It's 4 AA battery operated.

Chewie said...

Hi Herbieeeee,
My nails are usually filed with the Black and Decker RTX-1 but it has an electrical cord. Works great too. I'm not as brave as you... becos even with the grinder, I still jerk my leg in but not as bad as the nail cutter!!!! If mummy uses that, I will cry and struggle!! *sniff sniff*

Lotsa Licks,

SheCairnBark said...

Hi, you have a nice blog! :D

I got into a panic state the 1st and only time I cut Cassie's nails too... (she's a cairn terrer)... but it's true, dogs recover from it easily. I, on the other hand, suffered more after-effect guilt than she remembered the 'trauma'...

I use corn starch to stop her bleeding, read it from forums that it works... in case you ever run out of stopper again :D