Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Birthday to Jack... and thanks to Chili

Well, first and foremost, a Happy Birthday to the grouchy big boss. He is now a ripe old age of... I dunno... ancient? Anyway, his age is not important. The important thing is Aunty G made dinner packs for us and a cake for Jack (which of course we got to share later).

Unfortunately for me, I got so anxious at gobbling down my food coz there were so many dogs around me, that I puked the lamb balls right out, about 30 seconds after I downed them. And before I could stop my M, she threw away the lamb balls. What a waste! I could have happily eaten it back in, since it's my own bile covering it after all. And to top it up, my M did not cook my dinner, since Aunty G is preparing dog food for us. All that delicious food, and it only managed to stay in my tummy for 30 seconds! Life is so unfair!

My M even had to ask Aunty V is there's any food for me. Luckily for me, Aunty G said that there's an extra packet of lamb balls. We were supposed to hold the party at the park and since it rained, Chili and Sugar couldn't make it. So nice Aunty HS told Aunty G to keep the food. Thank God for the rain! Or I would have been a hungry dog. So in the end I ate Chili's share. Thanks Chili!

Well, apparently, I feel that the food was still not enough, so when the humans were having their dinner, I tried to beg. But all thanks to Tommy and Rafv, who are now having some bad blood, they had to be kept separated. And because Tommy kept licking my ears recently, causing me to have a hotspot on my ear, he had to be kept separated from me. And guess where we were all kept? Rafv was in the balcony, Tommy was in the dining area with ALL the humans, and me, alone in the kitchen! Although I am the Kitchen God, I don't want to stay in the kitchen all alone! What's the point of staying in there when everyone who might feed me is out there in the dining room! Such a perfect begging chance, wasted on Tommy, who did not even make any attempt to beg! And there I was, trying my best to act pitiful through the kitchen door! I was so upset I could cry! Look at me! Don't I look pathetic?

Let me out.....

Well, I had to thank my lucky stars (or rather, Jack) that although I did not get to beg at the dining table, Aunty G made a very delicious birthday cake, which I shall not talk too much about. I'm sure old man Jack would talk about his cake once he get his old paws down to typing.

Life is good.... at least on Sunday.


Chili said...

Hello Herbie,

Glad u enjoyed the food Aunty G made... We (Sugar and I) thought we could finally get to play with all our friends, Daddy took out the baby car seat from the car and put in our mat... we were ssoooo looking forward. Stupid rain. I will give you all our dinners if you could make the rain stop.

Love Chili

Scuba said...

Hello Chili. Long time no see and I miss you.

Next time you come to the park, can you make sure Sugar is distracted.