Thursday, April 20, 2006

No baby brother :(

The breeder just replied my M, both the bitches who were mated are not pregnant, so no baby brother for me. My M is hoping that there will be another planned litter soon. Now awaiting reply from the breeder.

AUnty V said that I must have been praying for no brothers, but that's not true. I was hoping that the new brother will not be greedy so that I can take his food away from him... hiak hiak hiak.... Opps! Did I just say that out loud? I mean, puppies can't eat too much. Bad for their development... ermm... ya.

On a seperate note, some bad person abandoned 4 rabbits at the park yesterday. The rabbits must have been traumatized. Aunty G said that since my M can't get another puppy for now, it's a sign from heaven that she should keep the rabbits. I don't think my M's very keen on that. I'm not too interested in them tho, but Rafv and Scuba and even Lolo keeps wanting to get nearer to the rabbit. Luckily for the rabbits, a lady took them home to foster and will be looking for a forever home for them.


Scuba said...

Excuse me Herbie, when puppies grow up, they eat and I was trying to highlight that to you.

On the rabbit, Rafv thought it was his play toy. He have a toy that look just like that. As for me, I was thinking of catching it so Jack and Joey can have it for barf (I know Auntie G buys them rabbit meat). You know me, I only bark when I am happy or excited.

Joey said...

oh no.. heard that the rabbits already adopted! No rabbit meat for me!

Sam I am said...

Ww will keep our paws crossed and hope for a baby brother soon,How handsome you look Herbie