Friday, November 11, 2005


Why is it that everyone thinks that I am a retriever and therefore I should love swimming?

I hate swimming! Unless forced into the water (usually dragged in by my M, and recently, Aunty S), I would not even want to go near. I will even walk AROUND puddles of water. Mess up my fur, those water.

Look of desperation

And my M is a sadist! She will hold on to my leash in the water so that no matter how hard I swim, I can never reach the shore! (M: I'm holding on to your leash so that I don't have to carry you back into the water everytime u reach the shore, and thus prevent my poor back from breaking. )

Finally! Shore! See my look of relief?

My M brings me to Sentosa about once a month for the dog outing. Although I don't like the swimming, I LOVE running in the sand, and of course begging for food afterwards. I have perfected the begging look and most of those humans can't resist feeding me.

My M loves this picture of me running

So the next time you see me at the beach, do not expect me to go swimming. The furthest I will voluntarily go in the water is chest deep, and that is only when my friends are in the water and I want to play. Don't expect more than that for me.

I love my silhouette... but I still hate swimming

And for the record, besides swimming, I don't really like to retrieve as well. I will only do the randon tennis ball retrieve (only tennis ball, other toys, no) if I'm feeling up to it.

So I'm a non-swimming, non-retrieving dog. And in case you're wondering, the last I checked in the mirror, I'm still a Golden Retriever.

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