Monday, November 28, 2005

Mr Congeniality

I don't know why Aunty G and Aunty W keep saying that I start fights. Since when do I start fight? The few rare occasions where I have been involved in a fight was because the other dog was humping me. The only times I get into fights are when:

  • I am eating and another dog comes too close. Small treats are fine but don't come near me when I'm having dinner, or bones, or food that requires time to chew. I'll assume you're here to snatch my food and I would KILL to protect my food.
  • When unknown, large, male dogs hump me. Excuse me, if it's the 1st or 2nd time I'm seeing you, don't hump me. We're not that good friends yet. Of couse, I don't mind if you're my friends, or female, or smaller sized. In fact, I quite like it when my friends do that, it's like a bum rub.

See? All my fights started because of self defence, or to protect my property. I NEVER start fights. But Aunty G and Aunty W insists that I am the cause of fights. Apparently, I have caused 2 separate fights because the dogs were both trying to play with me. So now the owners have to make sure the dogs play with me individually and not together. And now one of the fighting pairs have become arch enemies because of me. They can't stand each other's sight and has to be separated all the time.

Sigh... I can't help it that I'm popular, and everyone wants to play with me. If they can learn to share, we'll all have a smashing good time together.

Angels don't fight

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Rafv said...

I hope you have a waiting list or booking system to play with you so that I no need to jealous over another dog playing with you when I want to play!

I will ask my M to book first absorutely!

You know, I am kinda of petty boy, don't like to "SHARE"...