Saturday, November 12, 2005

Ready..... Camera.... and Action!

Remember I said I had to brush up on my sad look the other day? So that hopefully my M will feel sorry for me and not put the lampshade on? Well, after a whole day of lying there planning (what else can a dog do in the house with a lampshade around the neck?), I thought I had perfected 'The Look'. I even had a strategy!

Step 1 : Hide Under the Table
A dog cornered always has this look of desperation, so that is the effect I am going for. And the best corner in the house for this, is under the table!

Step 2: Look really, really sad

To achieve this look, I thought of the saddest thing that could happen to me. I imagined what would happen if I have no dinner tonight, or tomorrow night, or the night after, and after, and after.... and I was so sad I almost cried!

After my brilliant planning, I put it into action yesterday morning.

Step 1

Here's a closer look:

See? I am surrounded by 2 walls, there is a table on top, pushing my head down, and I even managed to get the chair in front of me. I am truly cornered!

ok.... up to this stage my M is still holding the lampshade... but wait! She's putting it down! Can see plan is working! Yippee!

hmm.... she's taking a camera now.... and just took 2 shots! Nevermind, now for Act 2, looking really sad.

Step 2

It's not easy getting myself preped up for the role with the camera flashing, but I managed to pull it off! Look at sad, sad me. And the lampshade is still on the floor! So far so good...

Oh wait, she's keeping the camera! And taking the lampshade again, and walking towards me!!!! Oh &*#$^@()!!!!!

And she even has time to grab another photo!

I think I have to start on Plan B......

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