Monday, November 14, 2005

Scuba's House

Oh I jus LURVEEEEE to go to Scuba's house. There's always food to eat and dogs to play with. At Scuba's invitation, my M brought me over on Saturday. As soon as I stepped in, I was greeted by Rafv and Scuba. Then Aunty S took me to the kitchen and gave me a rawhide. I lurveeeee Aunty S too!


We played and rested, played and rested, and later Uncle C and Aunty R (Rafv's daddy and mummy) came to bring us to the dog run. Most importantly, they fed me again before we left! Aunty R gave some dog treats and Uncle C shared with me his cheese. After park, we went back to Scuba's house and Aunty S fed us dinner.

Unfortunately, when my M came to pick me up, Aunty S told her I already had dinner. Darn! And I thought I could have 2 dinners in one night!

It was a fun day for me. When can I visit Scuba again?

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