Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cirque Du Soleil

I decided that with the constant harrassment by my M and her family and her friends, I better start thinking of my future. I can't always threaten to run away to stay with Scuba, coz they will certainly find me there. Plus Uncle C is not much better.

Then, I suddenly had a brillant idea! I shall run away to join the circus! I'll get to travel all over the world and they will never, ever find me! MuahahAHAHA

There is only one problem. I don't know any 'circusy' tricks. I don't think sit, down, stay or heel count as circus stuff. Any Milo, Brownie or Coco can do such easy peasy stuff. I need something else! I decided to engage the help of professional circus trainer to help me in my quest. I will master the art of sitting on a wooden stool! Stop laughing! This is not easy ok, especially when you're big dog with 4 legs and a big butt plus a long tail.

And this, my young Jedi, is how you teach an old dog new tricks

Ohhh.... I did not expect it to be so high up here. And I think half of my butt's sticking out of the chair. And it's not comfortable at all sitting on your own tail. But at least I am balancing, precariously, on the wooden stool. Ok, now I have to smile for the audience... it's not easy to smile when I'm quavering on my paws. *forced grin*


Finally, with much determination, I passed through the course. I even managed to do a handshake while perched on the stool.

Congratulations, you've succesfully graduated.

Yipee!! Now that I am a successful stool performer (somehow this term sounds kinda funny, and distractingly like some anal activity... hmm...) I can join the circus! Wait, what do you mean that circus now don't use animal performers anymore? And what's this about quarantine laws? Darn! Does that mean I can't join the circus anymore?

I wonder if the zoo needs any stool performing dog.

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rafv said...

hiak hiak, herbie. I think you better train properly! I saw you today falling down from SOFA...(Not a wooden stool, SOFA!).... I just wanted to see how good you are now, who knows... keke, Rafv.