Thursday, November 24, 2005

All I want for Christmas is...

I don't think I'm gonna enjoy this Christmas very much.

Last Christmas was fantastic, everyone gave me food as Christmas presents, since I don't like toys, and there's not much nice clothes for big dogs like me. Since I'm such a foodie, I got lots and lots of treats!

But I overheard last night, Aunty G was telling my M that she's not getting treats for me. She's got something else planned. And I think Aunty V's getting me clothes. And Aunty W mentioned buying a bowl or something! Is there no one getting me food??? Is there a gift exchange service anywhere around here?

1 comment:

Rafv said...

I overheard that D&M will going to buy FOOD for you as a gift, since you mentioned on my blog.. So rest assured that you have at least one treat... R