Friday, November 24, 2006

The Vet

I went to the vet today. Nope, I wasn't sick, just went for my vaccination, but I almost had to see the vet for an injury, because my silly M closed the door on my tail. While going into the vet, she forgot to make sure that I have gone past the door before loosing her grip on the swinging door. Luckily it wasn't a very heavy door, or I might become the only golden with a cropped tail in the world.


Anyway, that's not the main point. The main point is that while at the vet, they took my weight, and I am a svelte 24kg. Even the vet commented that I am a good weight for my size. My M mentioned that she thought I was getting fat and was planning to put me on a diet and the nice, kindly, handsome, gentle, suave, dashing vet said that actually my weight is fine, and if I were to go on a diet, maybe I can lose another kg, but not more than that. Sigh, I do love that vet, in case you have not realised it by now.

So remember, the lowest my weight can get is 23kg, and I am not fat!

Now, can someone feed me my lunch? And supper later as well?


Opy said...

Herbie - you are my hero ! What's your secret to weighing in at 24kg's ? Please share it with me ! Me, I lost another kg the other day - but I am still hovering at 39kg's :-(


russell said...

i cant believe it! u weigh 24kg?? I weigh 20kg.

Bond said...

See Bond! I told you ! you are NOT FAT ..... I AM !!! >.<

Comet said...

I have to go to the vet in about a month for my shots. I don't like the vet. They poke me with needles, the trim my toenails, the stick a thermometer up my ... know! Plus, every year the vet tells BLU how perfectly thin she is, and tells me that I need to lose weight. Glad you don't have to lose weight.

Jay said...

Hi Herbie, good for you! You can have all the food now without your M putting you on a diet.

How did you manage this trick?


Buster said...

Great news Herbie! How much did you have to pay the vet to say this?

Bussie Kissies

fufu said...

Herbie, OUCH on your tail incident. But great news from the vet that you're not overweight. Hee.. Yeah to more feasting. :)

~ fufu