Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New exercise regime?

Darn, I think my M have thought of a new exercise regime. She's started to take me cycling! After seeing how Tommy and Rafv get exercised at the same time as their humans, she dragged out my MM's bicycle yesterday for a morning at the park as well as to take some photos!

However, very smart me have a way of spoiling her exercise plans. I deliberatly trotted slowly, and whenever she sped up, I'll look as if I'm dragged to my death so she has no choice but to slow down. In no time at all, she was cycling like this *paddle, paddle, look at me, brake.... paddle, brake... paddle paddle, brake, brake, look at me, brake*

Notice the number of times she had to brake? Heh heh... by the end of the morning, she was complaining that she was sweating more from the sun than from the exertion.

Anyway, we managed to take a few photos at the park as well.

Me and my nemesis

There was a lotus pond there and we took some pictures there as well.

Is that spiderman?

More lotus

And here's me looking like the king of the jungle... I mean park

I am DOG, hear me pant!

Trying to look pensive....

The Thinker

I hope my M gets the idea that I'm not very keen on cycling with her. Or else I may have to resort to more drastic measure, like collasping in the middle of the pavement in full view of strangers so that they will call the SPCA.


rafv said...

You pathetic, Herbie.. Cycling is so fun!! I really jealous on you this time to know that your mum is so sweet to bring you out on this activity.

My mum scared to bring me for cycling cz I pull too much..

Exchange mummy? Keen on this?


Buster said...

Did you have one of those special bike leash thingies? My Mom tried that on me but I am really too small to do that with....It was fun tho! And it gets you to the park.

Bussie Kissies

Cubby said...

Gorgeous pictures of you and the flowers (and nice work on the biking thing...hehehe)!

Sunshade said...

Herbie, I would like to share with you a trick. If you do what I tell you, I am 100% sure you will NEVER have to go biking again. Next time your mom tries to take you biking, let her put your leash on, act willing, and once you are at the park, preferable beside the lotus pond, PULLLLLLLLLL , yes towards the pond and jump in!!! (you know how to swim right??) I'm sure that would be the last time you ever have to go biking!! This worked for me while mum took me roller blading, so I think it will work with a bike too!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Esther said...

Wonderful pictures!

Anthony said...

Hi Sunshine..sounds like 101 Dalamtians..or maybe 101 Golden Retrievers??

Scuba said...

Oops wonder when it is my turn????

Scuba said...

Oops wonder when it is my turn????

herbie said...

Rafv: I don't mind exchanging mummy, coz I hear that you get to eat a lot! But... your dinnertime is very late leh..

Buster: Nope, it's a normal leash which she just twine loosely around the handlebar and hold on with her hands

Cubby: Thanks!

Sunshade: But... but... but I hate swimming. And the pond looks yucky! I'm amazed your mum didn't kill you for dragging her into the pond.

Esther: Thanks!

Anthony: It's just one very mischievious SuperDALE :)

Scuba: Oh you better go hide!!

And to add on, my M was complaining to my MM that a jogger overtook us. :P

Jay said...

Hi Herbie, those are nice pictures your mummy took! Pity about the cycling part though... maybe you could do something drastic to ensure that she gets the idea out of her head (read: Sunshade's suggestion)?


fufu said...

Herbie, you look great in those pic. And you're making your mum work out more. hee

~ fufu

Sunshade said...

Um...welll she didn't exactly fall into a pond, that was the scenario for you since I thought you would like the water.... Mum just fell flat on her face on somebody's front lawn, and they had just watered their lawn so it was all wet..hehehee

Anthony, yes yes yes, like the 101 Retrievers!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Herbie,
Those were beautiful pics.!! Seriously you should consider Sunshade's suggestion.. *hiak hiak*.. I am quite safe from this activity cos MY MA DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO CYCLE!! Hahahah.. (ooops, evil eyes staring at me..)

Huskee Boy

tommy said...

yo bro,i'll be sooooo.. happy to cycle man!all right i guess ones man meat another man poison..err i mean dog.hehee..