Saturday, November 25, 2006

Model Shoot

It was a sunny morning, and because of the christmas card exchange program, the humans decided to take us dogs out for a photoshoot. We were made to pose, run, jump, and wear accessories. Now I can fully understand the hard life of a model.

Here's SuperModel me with my assistants. We have a wardrobe assistant, a technical director, a personal assistant, and of course my M, the camerawoman, who is obviously not in the photo.

Behind the scenes

Of course there were breaks in between costume changes as well... Here's how we spent our breaktime...

Me taking a breather...

Joey & Tommy after balls as usual

Rafv stealing Tommy's ball

Scuba taking time to sniff the flowers

And here's the final result of my cards to my fellog dbloggers. It comes in 3 different designs. For other non-dbloggers, the cards available for pre-order. Each set of 3 will cost you a drumstick.

And of course, there was a series of group photos as well...

Everyone say Cheese!

From L-R: Rafv, me, Tommy, Scuba, Joey & Jack


Me and Scuba, best buddies

All the excitement made me so tired that I was totally knocked out even before I got home.


I think my friends might blog about their day as well, but maybe not until my M sends them their photos. This is so fun we should do this more often!


Scuba said...

It was a wonderful day.

You look so funny in that green hat.

Well I have to say the Me and Scuba Best Buddies pose comes as natural and pawfect as it come (no human assistance - i.e with my paw on Herbie)

On the recall picture, why is Jack and Joey staying behind?

Tell me about being tired and snoozing!!!! Strangely enough, that's how I feel and what I did

rafv said...

Sounds fun you guys had today! Your mum's photo is very nice as usual!


Buster said...

Great shots! Sign Herbie, even more stuff on you!

Bussie Kissies

ice said...

u should sell the postcards and exchange for drumsticks! i am sure the two legged is willing to use $$ to exchange for those lovely postcards!

Anthony said...

Hi Herbie

Great photos.

I wonder why is Rafv always look so happy in the pictures. Does he know he's taking pictures that's why he smiles?

Jay said...

Wow Herbie, those photos look great! I can't wait to receive your card.


lucky said...

rafv has a very smug look on his face... tee hee..u guys look so beautiful

fufu said...

Herbie, I like all 3 pic of you... And you have so many assistants for your photoshoot. :)

~ fufu

Boo said...

hey herbie, are you gonna using all the photos? maybe i'll receive either one of the photo from your x'mas card. that would be cool! i didn't do a special x'mas photo shoot coz the hooman said no santa hat is small enough for my head! LOL

wet wet licks


Sunshade said...

HERBIE!!!! Your pictures are soo great! Can I PLEASE have the second design, please please? I LOVED it!!

Your photos look so nice, do you use a digital rebel?

Oh, and how come Tommy started out beside you, but ended up on the very right?

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

herbie said...

Scuba: I look funny in anything! sigh...

Aunty R: Rafv has got nice pictures too! So sad that you can't be there with us...

Buster: ya... they always like to make fun of me... :(

ice: would your slave buy them for a drumstick?

Anthony: rafv is happy because he managed to steal Tommy's ball... hiak hiak hiak

Jay: Check out your mailbox!

Lucky: Thank you for the compliments!

Fufu: Yup, but my assistants make fun of my too!

Boo: Yup, I will be using all 3 photos... ask your human to make a hat for you!

Sunshade: Oh dear, I've already sent out the cards. Let me know if it's not the one you want, and I'll give another to you. My M uses a canon EOS 20D, not sure if it's the rebel. Oh... and Tommy was running far away from Rafv, that's why he went to the other extreme.

kingsley said...

Yeah.. i got my card.. and it's the second design.. i like it very much.

thank you again!