Thursday, November 23, 2006

My very first X'mas card!

My M opened the letterbox this morning and boy was she excited. I was wondering what's so interesting about bills and catalogs when she started waving this white envelop addressed to me. For a moment I was worried that I actually have a bill addressed to me, until my M showed me where it's from.

All the way from Phoenix!

It's my very own chrismas card, and the first to arrive! Wow, Comet and BLU must have been very hardworking with their cards, and I'm ashamed to say that I have not even started out on mine! But never fear, my M is bringing us out for a photoshoot this weekend to take some nice pictures for the cards.

Now lemme take a look what's inside...

Merry Christmas!

It's Comet and Blu themselves! With a little christmas jingle as well. Although we can't meet, but I can sure smell them!

I can smell your dinner as well

I better start working out for my photoshoot this weekend, MUST look my best!


yl said...

hmmmmm start bucking up on the dieting so that the legendary "six-packs" will start appearing on your tummy instead of having one big pack there!! which means, be good, stop complaining about the air and sunshine/moonshine that your M is feeding you... yo there sunshine boy!!

Jay said...

Wow, it must be pretty exciting to receive the first card of the lot!

I have to get J to open the post box for me soon! Hope I get the card to. :)


rafv said...

Wow, great Herbie! It is really to you.. I think the postman who deliver this letter to your mailbox must be wondering,"what a name of this person!". He will never ever think of this letter address to you doggie boy, right?

hehe. Enjoy your photoshoot! and remember to show your perfect smile!


fufu said...

Hey Herbie. hee it will be scary if you have a bill addressed to you huh.
Isn't this exciting, I got BLU and Comet's card yesterday too.

~ fufu

drifter said...

What's the greetings written on the card? Cant really see that well...

Anthony said...

Hi Herbie

Next year around this time, you can wait downstairs at the letter box to see if the postman will bring another xmas card to you.

Then the postman will know you too!

Buster said...

The onslaught of cards has begun. Over 60 cards with only 32 days til X-mas means at least one a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bussie Kissies

Scuba said...

How come I don't have any cards?

What is Auntie S doing? Why hasn't she check the mailbox?

Maybe she has been so busy with looking after my other friends and I.

jenn said...

Let the season begin. You are one ucky pup to be getting cards already.