Monday, October 02, 2006


Last night, my MM's cousin invited us to their house for a mooncake gathering. They love feeding me so much, especially their daughter, that I got to eat almost a whole loaf of bread by the time my M returned. I was sooo, sooo full that my M touched my tummy and it was hard, not from muscles, but compacted food. Yummy!

Anyway, the night soon degenerated into a 'funny things on head' episode again. If you guys are new reader, read some of my old posts and you will realise that there are quite a few of such episodes.

They took out this shuttlecock thing, I don't know if that's the proper name, and my M said it looks like the feather of a cabaret dancer. And a light bulb went over their heads.

*to the music of the can-can dance!*

That's me, the latest addition to the cabaret dancer family.



fufu said...

Hi Herbie,
Can you really dance can can?
By the way, you should stick close to yous MM's cousin. She can feed you half a loaf of bread. That's a lot of bread. hee

~ fufu

Joey said...

can bring me along? The humans can put feathers on any parts of my body, I don't care. Anything for a LOAF of bread.

Jay said...

Oh dear.. did they put on the cancan skirt for you in the end and ask you to dance the cancan dance?

But you got rewarded handsomely - ONE load of bread!

ice said...

u look a bit like a rooster! wah.

Dink said...

pheweett! juz have to add a headband and you'll look as pretty as those cabaret dancers liao kekeke

rafv said...

hehe. You look like fake-doraemon as well. keke

Nuggy & Stewy said...

Hi Herbie,
That thing on your head looks good to chew on!

Jay said...

Hi Herbie, we have got the prefect backup dancers for you!

Check out my blog. :)