Thursday, October 19, 2006


My heartless M and MM, left me on the bed and refused to help me down. They don't care that the floor is slippery and I may break my back. *whines*

Maybe it's their evil plan to stop me from taking too much space on the bed in future. I don't care, I'm still gonna be the first to jump up the bed... with more practise I can jump down easily as well.


Bond said...


I am surprised that you stay put on the bed even when your M says the magic word "FOOD" !!!

Have you changed? Dont you like food anymore ? @_@

rafv said...

haha! Sooo Soo Cute.

I didn't know you are so talkative as well.

You want to get a portable staircase for a Chiristmas present? Buahhhhh..


yl said...

hahahahahahaha!!!!!!! whao!!!! you are sure good at making those "sa jiao" whining sounds!!!! :P

Sunshade said...

Herbie Herbie!!! You are SOO brave, and SOOOO hilarious. Ok, I really shouldn't be laughing at you because I do EXACTLY the same thing with our hardwood floor stairs. I will try very very hard, testing with my paws to get down, but I never do succeed. I ended up whinig, crying, and barking at mum to "carry" me down stairs!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Scuba said...

I do agree they were heartless. When I saw and heard the clip, I feel so sorry for you (and the humans, they just laugh).

Jay said...

Hi Herbie, you are so poor thing, got bullied. Maybe you should come stay with me instead?


herbie said...

Bond: They were just saying it, there's no actual food.

rafv: You'll give me one?

yl: These are not 'sa jiao' noises, these are whines of desperation~~

sunshade: Lucky you, you get carried down. What is it with wooden floors anyway??

scuba: Yup... sadistic humans we have here

jay: do you get bullied like me as well? If not I'll come stay with you.

fufu said...

Poor herbie, Your humans really left you on the bed. Well I say, hang on to your space in bed. Coz first one there gets the space.

~ fufu

ice slave... said...

waha ha ha... herbie u are born to bring laughter to the world!

mynameisboo said...

Herbie, you know what? I'm just like you. I know how to jump on the hooman's bed but afraid to jump down! But sometime the hooman trick me into jumping down by myself with my favourite toys! Maybe you should teach your hooman to tempt you with your favourite toy and let you learn how to jump down.

wet wet licks


herbie said...

Fufu: I totally agree! I jumped up the sofa bed again today and made my M carry me down instead.

Aunty TZ: I'm glad I made you laugh... at my expense. Humph! humans!

Boo: I don't have a favourite toy, coz I don't like toys. I only like to eat.