Saturday, October 28, 2006

Chicken Mash Bake

It's baking day today! My M had some extra chicken and doesn't know quite what to do with it, so she decided to improvise and bake. Let me tell you that this is a totally experimental baking. My M has never been quite good in baking, and everything she makes got to have a recipe, but this time she decided to just mix whatever she can find in the kitchen.

So we have...

Wholemeal flour, eggs and garlic

minced chicken

Mix them all up with eggs, honey and the chicken broth used for boiling the chicken

Unfortunately, the aftermath of all these is... dishes to wash! My M hates washing. Well, I would have gladly washed up all the bowls for her if only she'd let me. There's no better way of cleaning a bowl than licking it clean. Apparently we don't share the same views on that.


After baking it, this is the completed product.


Of course, with this being a totally experimental recipe, I must ensure that it meets doggie hygiene standards before I let my friends try it.

Quality check!

(M: What doggie hygiene standards? Dogs don't have any hygiene standards at all!! You guys eat things from the ground!)

Ahem, I would like to say that it's not true dogs don't have hygiene standards. I'll not eat a 3 day old mouldy bread (QC failed), but a 3 hours old sunbaked chicken bone on the floor will certainly pass any doggie QC tests. So there! We DO have hygiene standards after all.

All right, I better stop blogging now and get on with my job. Please pray that i won't get the runs after eating those yummilicious stuff.

This one passed, this passed as well, passed... passed... munch


Bond said...

WOWO ..... looks so nice ... the end products reminds me of McDonald Chicken Nuggets .....

****salivating *****

Anthony said...

Hi Herbie

Don't eat all the "biscuits" (that's what I'm calling the "Chicken Mash Bake"), else your friends won't be able to sample your M's baking skills.

Scuba said...

We did we did and it was yummy

Thanks Herbie for bringing it over to my house.

Buster said...

You shared? You are too nice!

Bussie Kissies

Jay said...

Wow, the food looks yummy!!! :)


fufu said...

Herbie, your m so nice to bake cookies for you. And you look so happy doing the Quality check. heee

~ fufu

Sunshade said...

Herbie, since you don't seem to mind sharing, I'll be right over!! Those look too good to miss out on!

ps. I will only eat fresh goose or horse poop, MUST be fresh, no more than 10 minutes. I'm such a hygienic girl don't you think??

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Summer said...

Wow sure looks yummy. I want some. :(
Lucky guy. haha


herbie said...

Bond, Jay: It was yummy!

Anthony: don't worry, I shared with my friends.

Scuba: Have to thank you for the pumpkin bake too!

Buster: I'm always nice! *angel*

fufu: You can tell that I was ecstatic as well? Hee hee

Sunshade: Come on over! You're hygenic alright! I can't understand why my M freaked out when I rolled over in cat's poop once after my bath. It was fresh Eau De Kitty Poo!

Summer: Ask your mum to bake some for you!