Thursday, October 26, 2006

Secondary Pets

It seems like everyone else have other friends not of the canine family. Scuba now has his feline sisters as well as Diving the fish, Jaffe has feline sisters as well, Jay has Joy the Guinea Pig, and Ms Sunshade has Georgie the wabbit.... and so on and so forth...

So, I've decided to introduce the other members of my family! Since Scuba has his Diving, then I'm gonna name my fishes, or rather my MM's fishes, after names of herbs, because I'm HERBie.... geddit? Geddit? HERB-IE. Ok, so my M says I'm corny, but corns are yummy!

So here's Mint, Oregano, Thyme, Parsley... or wait, or is that Mint? Or Thyme? Which one is Parsley? Arghh... they all look quite the same! Nevermind, erm... here's introducing the Herbs Family.

Which one is which?

Besides the fishes, we have snails in the tank as well.

Creepy & Crawly

And we have prawns too...

Introducing.... Fritters... *licks*

Unfortunately, it's kind of difficult to hold a decent conversation with them, because although we stay in the same place, we're of a different level.

Me: Erm... guys... I can't really see you from here, can you move closer?
Fishes: But we're stuck here, literally!

Oh well, at least it's a good excuse for me to sleep on the sofa if my M ever wonders why I'm up there.

I fell asleep while talking to the fishes! Really!


Sunshade said...

Hey HERB-IE, you cracked me up!! Which one is Thyme again? and which one is Parsley? I don't blame you falling asleep talking to the "herbs" LOL, I think I would too! I have to admit tho, those herbs are pretty great looking with their bright colours.

WE have lots of Creepy & Crawly's here, but they live on land, and don't have shells, and I sometimes step on them by accident on my night walk...

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Jay said...

Hi Herbie, you have a huge family there! I can't help but think that your fishes are yummy... because J grilled beancurd with oregano for me once and THEY WERE YUMMY!!!

Oh.. I understand your feelings. I used to get all lonely when the fishes refused to come out of their houses to play with me.

Hmmmm... Joy is better, at least she will come out of her house (provided that Jaws is not around)

Maybe you should hint to your M or MM to get you a piggie?


fufu said...

Herbie, your aqua pets are so cute. I esp like Fritters the prawn. Now which one is Mint again??

~ fufu

Chester said...

Herbie! :)

Mmmmmm....your friend Fritters look very very delicious...erm i mean CUTE! Ooooooh and the fishes, very very very tempting....erm i mean pretty!

I don't blame you for falling asleep talking to your water friends....i must admit i cannot engage in any interesting talk with these creatures cos all they say is "gloop glooop gloop". Worse still, some of them just stay SILENT all the time!!! Argh!!

p.s. S told me she met the other "Herbie" (yes there is another GR named Herbie if it's not you!!) about 1.5-2 years ago....wonder if you're my mummy's long-lost friend!

Scuba said...

Herbie where is my fishy girlfriend Rosemary? She is the sweetest of them all

Buster said...

So you have an "Herb" garden there!

Bussie Kissies

Opy said...

You are SO lucky Herbie - getting to lay right up there on the sofa ! I am jealous !


Buster said...

My Mom wants to know if dust-bunnies count! Hahahaha

Bussie Kissies

Herbie said...

Sunshade: Eeyurrr.... you stepped on creepy and crawlies? I think my M will freak out of she have to wash away squished creepies and crawlies from my paws.

Jay: Oreganos are yummy! I mean the herbs, not the fishes. My M is getting me a brother if all goes well, so she'll have no time for piggies. Anyway she thinks I'm already a pig.

fufu: Erm, Mint is the blue and red one... erm... ya

Chester: Yup, they're not much of a conversationlist. I guess I'm not the only Herbie the GR then. I don't think my M went to the vet that your S went to. Sigh, and I thought I might find out how my first owners have been coping without me.

Scuba: Rosemary is now in fishy heaven, she got sick and died. :(

Buster: Yup, my very own herb garden!

Opy: Usually my M will chase me down, unless it happens to be quite soon after my bath, when she thinks I'm still clean. She says no dirty dog on the sofa.

Buster: Dust bunnies? They count if you can hold a conversation with them.