Friday, June 16, 2006

Pause in transmission

There will be a pause in the regular updates of this blog.

Because my M and MM are going away on a holiday (which I'm not invited, humph!)

BUT, I'll be going to Aunty S's Fattening Camp (a.k.a. Scuba's house)

I'll be too busy harassing Aunty S to feed me to bother about writing my blog (Food's more important)

Let's see how much of my waist is left after one week. Hiak hiak hiak.


Sam I am said...

life is good regardless.Happy harassing Aunty we know that you will have a blast anyway !!! ,Have a safe trip ,,,

Sam I am said...

life is good regardless!!!! We know that you will have a blast harassing your Aunty,Have a safe trip ,,

Woof !!

ice said...

dun u think that your M will give special instructions not to overfeed u? even if u manage to use your powers on Aunty S, u will be put on a diet after your M and MM return... its not that good after all.. HA HA HA.