Friday, June 23, 2006

And.... we're back online!

My M and MM's finally back after a week away. Do I miss them? Sure I do! I was so happy to see them at the park yesterday, where they picked me up, but I don't understand why Tommy seems even more happy than me. He kept nudging himself between my M and me for a rubba as well.

Just some quick updates. My M said I've put on weight, and Aunty G agrees with her. Darn! I don't feel any fatter. I hope she doesn't put me on a diet. I'm now used to having countless snacks in between meals at Scuba's house.

There were NO presents for me!! They only managed to find 2 petshops, and they all sell stuff for itsy bitsy teeny weeny dogs. Everything seems to be XXXXS size compared to me. I bet they're so small even Joey might find it difficult to fit in. Don't Japanese love big dogs? Why aren't there stuff for big macho dogs like us? Aunty R loves Rafv, and she's jap. Must ask her to tell my M where to buy big dog stuff in Japan next time.

Anyway, life's back to routinely normal now, ie: no extra food. As much as I missed them, I hope they decide to go on another trip soon. I'm getting hungry....


yl said...

i miss you tons too!!!! "Don't Japanese love big dogs? "----> i am sure some of them do... but given their small sized apartments, i supposed bigger dogs find it difficult to survive... :P

Scuba said...

I miss you today Herbie. Feels strange and empty without you at home.

You should tell your mom, Uncle Henry said you looked as you've lost weight.

Loads at home to eat today - sorry you're not here (Mom gave Auntie S that there should be no dinner for me tonight) ;-(

rafv said...

hahaha, Same as my situation when my mum was back from Japan. ALWAYS empty handed for me..

She keeps saying Nothing to buy for me, I actually didn't believe it, but now, I kinda believe my mum..

Well, my mum told me that she can seldom see big dogs in town.. and my mum's neighbour dog are all gurad dog, so they are not fitted "cutie cutie stuff", like fluffy costume and leash etc.. keke Can you imagine fierce Akita with pink colour choker?

Well, maybe she can ask her friends around where to buy stuff for big dog. Keep you posted.

by the way, my mum had a difficulty to find "Scuba size" costume etc. so don't think we have a chance, herb....