Friday, June 09, 2006


My M and MM are going on a holiday next week, and I'll be staying with Scuba again! I love staying with Scuba, there's always lots of food, and now with Scuba on a strict diet, Aunty S has no one else to feed, but ME! MuahahAHAHAH! The last time my M and MM went on holiday, I put on weight at Scuba's house.

They'll be away for a week, and although I'll miss them, I hope they come back with presents for me. The last time they went to Europe, they bought me a Louis Vuitton Leash. Not that I'm complaining, but food might have been better.

That's a pic of me with the collar and leash. The reason I'm looking so disgruntled is because my M has been waving the food at me for the longest of time but does not allow me to eat it.

When can I stop posing for food?

Speaking of the leash, I overheard my M telling the aunties how she bought it. They were at the LV boutique in Florence, Italy and my M approached a sales staff to ask for 'dog collar and leash'. I guess it's not a commonly asked for item coz the staff appeared puzzled. And with my M not knowing how to speak italian, she used the universal language for dog. My M went 'erm... woof?'

Apparently the staff do not understand dog talk, coz she still appeared puzzled. Luckily for my quick thinking MM, he told my M to show the staff her handphone. My pictures are in the phone and when the staff saw a handsome picture of yours truly, she went 'Ahhh...'

So to cut a long story short, they came home with this:

Since this time they're going to Japan, Aunty G said that there's lots of petshops there, so maybe they can buy something for me. Aunty G also reminded my M that 'Inu' is 'Dog' in Japanese, so that she need not go 'woof woof' towards the sales staff.

Oh well, if all else fails, there's always my gorgeous photo.



Opy said...

Hey Herbie,

Wow ! I love your leash ! How cool - but I have to agree, us Retrievers love our food - so food would have been more appropriate :-)

Still, you look very handsome with your leash and collar - I think I am love :-)

Lots of love,


Scuba said...

I also want a LV leash and collar.

The both of us will be having fun next week coz my mom is off on a business trip again - this time to the UK and then to the capital of Canada (Ottawa)

Sigh - no Paris so no LV