Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I love baking!

Not me baking... but the humans. Coz hopefully I get to eat the 'rejects'. I was staying over at Scuba's house on Saturday and Aunty V and Aunty S were making dog cookies in preparation for Scuba's birthday. I don't know why they started so early when Scuba's birthday is only at the end of the month. Maybe it's just in case that the cookies don't turn out well and they can try again. But I'm not complaining, more baking means more food for me!

Me and Scuba were literally supervising the baking of the cookies, hanging around the kitchen to make sure that nothing goes wrong, and to make sure that the kitchen floor stays clean. Hygiene is extremely important in a kitchen, and we were ready to sweep up any dropped food.

Aunty V and Aunty S made alphabet cookies... and look at all the 'h' ... for herbie!

h is for herbie, handsome, hilarious, humble...

Of course there's more than h... I've got all the letters for my name!


All my friends got the sample of their names too. Come to think of it, I get the most, coz my name has 6 letters. Poor Jack and Joey, they only get 4 biscuits each! *sniggers*

I wonder if I can change my name to Herbielotsoflettersinmyname.... hmmm...


Serene said...

Herbie dear, you are so greedy and funnie... the way, wonder if I can get the doggie biscuits recipe from your aunties, to try out.

Joey said...

You are so wrong! Our pack given by Auntie V has alot of alphabets (more than our 4-letters name).. there were lots of duplicate letters. I think they pitied us cos HC is forever controlling our food intake.

Scuba said...

I agree with Herbie on hygiene in the kitchen.

Personalising the names is my idea (I didn't know that I cause so much trouble for my mom and my nanny).

Mom freeze the cookies so it stays fresh (she does that for Christmas cookies as well). Now you know why she can bake weeks in advance