Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Am I a good dog?

Why do I ask this question? There's a chinese saying that goes '好狗不挡路', which literally means that a good dog does not block the path of others. My M has been repeating this phrase to me quite often these days, because, well, I happen to block a lot of things... a lot.

I have this habit of lying down right in the middle of the pavement, or path, to rest. And I don't curl myself up, I like to spread out, taking as much space as I can. I also like to sleep right in the middle of the sofa-bed (when I'm allowed access), thus squeezing my M and MM out of the way. I like to take up 2/3 of the entire car back seat. Many a times I've squeezed out humans, and even Jack (the grouchy dog) and Joey in the back seat. There was even once that Joey ended up on the floor of the car because there's no more space for him on the seat.

So, am I still a good dog?

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tommy said...

i suppose if you lie down in the middle of the path & trip some human carrying food, then it's good for all of us, right? Maybe you should put more effort on Auntie S... hee hee... By the way, even though we both have the same bum size, i've to admit that you are a deadweight when it comes to the car backseat...