Sunday, June 04, 2006

Nothing can come between us

I've a newfound partner, or rather, competitor, in my quest for food. Scuba has been putting on weight and Aunty S decided to put him on a strict diet, so he's like forever hungry now. He has now joined me more often in begging for food, mainly looking for every opportunity to go into the kitchen.

We have decided, nothing can come between us and food, not even balls bouncing on our heads.

Partners in crime

Speaking of which, can someone call the SPCA? We're getting abused here. I wonder who's the lousy cameraman, did not even manage to shoot the abuser in action as proof. By the way, what I meant as abuse, is not because a ball was thrown on our heads, it's because THAT ball was bounced on our head. That ball is Tommy's newest toy, and he's been holding it in his mouth, soaking it with his saliva the whole day. It's wet and icky, and it's being bounced on our heads... that in my opinion, is traumatic, and therefore constitutes as abuse.


Scuba said...

I agreed we are being abused.

I thought the abuser wanted us to balance the ball on our heads. As a team, we succeeded - then what happened?

He took it away (wasn't it well balanced on our head?). But lucky for us, the door to the kitchen opened (mind and eye power) just as he took it away.

Fantastic team work.

Tommy said...

Wow, you two make a fantastic food-&-ball team! Really amazing how you two can balance that ball, since both of you don't play with balls much. Hey, wasn't me who bounced the ball on your heads! By the way, there wasn't THAT much saliva on the ball.....