Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Supersonic Nose

The humans have recently started saying that I have supersonic nose, on top of my perfect hearing.

What happened was that I was following Aunty HS around very closely at the park the other day, and kept sitting in front of her coz I was so sure she was hiding some food in her pocket. However, Aunty HS kept trying to lie to me that she's got no food. But would I be deterred by mere words? NoooooOOooo.... I persevered and kept following. Until she had no choice but to empty her pockets just to let me see there's no food. But still, nothing escape my nose. I KNOW there's food somewhere and I continued following her. Aunty HS was saying that I've become a stalker.

Well, my M asked her if she used to keep some food in that pocket, but Aunty HS can't remember. She tried digging her pockets again and viola! Stuck in the very smallest crevice of her pocket was..... ta dah.... a 0.5x0.5cm piece of treat!

Aunty HS and the rest of the humans were so amazed that I could actually sniff out that small piece of food. When Sugar saw Aunty HS holding it, I think she wanted the treat as well, but luckily Aunty HS said that I should have it since I discovered it.

Once again, this proves that when it comes to food, I leave no stone... I mean pocket unturned.

I 'nose' there's food here somewhere!

On a side note, when the humans regaled Aunty HS with the story of my perfect hearing, Aunty HS suddenly remembered that she herself had witnessed my very good hearing at Chili's birthday, the details which were recounted here.


Serene said...

wah herbie, you showed that despite your 'bohchap' attitude on the surface, you got so many hidden talents... hehee

Sam I am said...

The canine nose is an awesome organ, perhaps a million times more sensitive than the human nose. Herbie's nose can discern the presence of a friend or foe, find a submerged dead body, sniff out a bomb or drug cache, and locate objects bearing the scent of a particular person.WOOF `WOOF

Joey said...

Eh.. Herbie's nose, ears & eyes are meant for food only. He even missed his owner when she playing hide & seek ... rofl

herbie said...

sad to say, what joey said is true. My senses are only attuned to the 'Food channel'.

Aunty Serene, I am a dog of many talents!