Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Not for the faint hearted

Warning..... this post is graphically disturbing. Do not continue if you have a queasy tummy.

I repeat, do not continue if you have a queasy tummy.

I have a welcoming gift for my M and MM when they came home from work yesterday. Not that I can help giving it to them. It must have been something I ate, not too sure what. I've got diarrhoea again. And there's no papers (as usual). And since so many were asking for photo evidence the last time I had a tummy ache, my MM decided to oblige you all by posting up a picture of a very sorry me and my 'gift'.

I'm sooooo sorry

I put on my sorriest (is there such a word) look once my M and MM came back and slunk down so low, looking sorrowful, hoping that they won't scold me. Well, at least this time there was less spatter on the wall. Erm... if that's any consolation.

Aunty G was saying that luckily I didn't do it on the carpet, coz according to her, Jack likes to have his diarrhoea on a carpet. Must be some kind of fetish.

To play safe, my M has spread newspapers in the kitchen today before she went to work. I hope my tummy gets better. I only got 2 biscuits this morning because of my weak tummy.


Serene said...

OMG... poor herbie.... u must rest well okie, I know wat is like to be sick, cos I am sick right now too... it sucks!

Get well soon...

At least u get to rest whole day at home, I have to be back to the office chaos tomorrow... and that made me more sick!

Scuba said...

Haha. Thank goodness you haven't come round to my house for a couple of days. So you can't blame me or Auntie S. What have you been eating? I always thought you have a strong tummy.

Dinky said...

oh no...poor herbie! I hope your hungry tummy wasn't growling that day, wiv only 2 biscuits to last you thru the day...I'd probably faint of hunger if my mummy gave me only 2 biscuits *giggle*


Sam I am said...

oh no...poor herbie!We hope you feel better soon !!!
What did you ever eat.Dear Sir

Rafv said...

hey! your diahorrea looks like chicken curry leh! so tasty looking mann. yum.