Thursday, May 18, 2006

Raja Udang?

Something was not quite right when my M and MM came home yesterday. Instead of the usualy head scratch, jumping up and rubba rubba, all I got was a customary pat on the head. Could they still be unhappy with my diarrhoea episode? After patting me, both of them rushed straight to the fish tank.

What's so interesting about the fish tank? The fishes only swim everyday. And after eavesdropping on their conversation, I realised, that the prawns have given birth and there's lots of tiny prawns in the tank, which the fishes are happily gobbling up. My M was even asking my MM if there's a way to save the baby prawns. And they also realised that there are a lot of prawns with eggs in them (my M just bought a lot of prawns to add to the tank).

Oh darn! I can imagine that they will be looking out for baby prawns for the next few days. Will my position as the favourite pet in the house be ursurped by some prawns!? Will I have to bow to them next time? Oh dear!

Maybe I should think positive thoughts. With so many prawns, maybe some will end up being my dinner. Yeah... that's a better idea. My own dinner farm, right in the house. Now shall I have it as tempura or drunken?

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Scuba said...

Wow for a moment, I thought you had king prawns (Raja Udang) for dinner last night.

Can I join you if you have them (to eat)? I want sambal udang.