Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Menage A Trois?

Strangely, Tommy has recently rekindled his excitement over me. He keeps trying to ask me to play, to the extent that he would even skip his dinner. Why would I say that? Well, when my M was dog sitting Tommy the other day, she tried to feed him his dinner. To keep ME away from HIS dinner, my M kept me out of my own kitchen. Anyway Tommy was not interested in his dinner at all, he kept pacing up and down trying to get out and play with me. What a silly dog, to give up dinner. I, for one, would NEVER do that.

Anyway, I digress. The point of this post is about my visit to Aunty V's house last night. Aunty V was dogsitting Tommy when I went over. And strangely, Scuba has taken a liking to Tommy. As soon as I came in, Tommy made a beeline for me, and Scuba made a beeline for him. So there we were, 3 dogs, in a hump.... literally.

That would be 50kg on me

The humans thought it was so funny that they were trying to take pictures instead of grabbing those 2 heavyweights off my breaking back. And to make sure that they get the picture from all angles, they even made Tommy and Scuba re-enact the humping scene. Perverted humans!

Now, how about from this angle?

I think I need to see a physiotherapist... or a chiropracter.... or sinseh.... or...


Scuba said...

Auntie W knows a few doctors maybe you can ask her.

Don't complain about me, because I saw my mom giving you 3bones

Scuba said...

Oh I accidentally hit the post button.

I was going to say your french is pretty good eh!!!!

'Menage a trois'

How about Voulez vous couche avec moi ce soir?

A bientot, Scuba

herbie said...

No, I do not want to sleep with you tonight... unless you have food in bed.

Scuba said...

Of course I have food in my bed.

Sam I am said...

Bobby Brown's song ,humping around ,poor Herbie!!!!

ice said...

u guys trying to have a doggie humping marathon?? hee hee.