Monday, May 08, 2006

Get well soon, Joey

Right as I type now, Joey is recovering from his surgery. He's got a split molar and the tooth got to be extracted. Ouch! I wonder if that meant no hard food for the next few days.

Poor Joey, so young (younger than me at least) and already losing his teeth. Hmm... I wonder if I will get to eat his bones since now he's one tooth less to chew. Get well soon Joey! And let me know if you need help with your food. I've still got all my teeth intact, I can help you to, erm, you know.... chew them into small bite size pieces so that it's easier for you to eat them. I promise not to accidentally swallow your dinner... erm... cross my paws.


Joey said...

I heard my HC called you a Killer Dog cos you will kill dogs who go near your food. Are you sure u won't accidentally killed me whle helping me chew?

ice said...

woah sure or not? herbie u are no doubt a DEVOTEE TO FOOD!