Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's official

I'm fat. No matter how much I try to suck in my tummy, it's still bulging out now. My M has been suspecting I've put on weight but her suspicions were confirmed when the neighbour's maid at my M's old home commented that 'Herbie fat already'.


My dinner's getting reduced again. Darn!


Joey said...

sigh.. my HC already tried to help by saying..'dunno' when your M asks if you are fat. guess the 'fat' is out of the 'bag'

ice's slave said...

what is wrong with his current size?? he looks more beautiful...

Scuba said...

Aiyoh. These humans so kaypoh. Herbie you are not FAT, just right. That is why your M still allow you to be fed in my

I like the funny side of these humans. They asked the most dumb questions - i.e When my mom and I meet our neighbours in the lift, the most frequent questions are

- Going out (can't you see we have left the house)
- Just came back (can't you see we have parked the car and taking the lift up)
- Shopping? (can't you see the grocery bags / shopping bags)
- Taking Scuba out (can't you see, I am with my mom)

Just don't understand these humans. Why can't they smile and say hello without asking stupid questions

Boo Boo said...

Hi Herbie,

Errrr .... pls let your M knows that if there is any "extra" food around, she can throw it MY WAY .... I will gladly accept with thanks :)

rafv said...

Poor harbie, You are finally spotted! but my mum says that little bit plump is better than skinny. Do you need us to sign a petition to your M for not reducing your food? :)