Monday, August 28, 2006

Another reason why i hate lampshades

They make me look stupid.

But my M thinks it makes me look egyptian... groan


Jay said...

Oh dear.... you look so sad.

But then again, you really look like the picture... hee :P

Scuba said...

Herbie - you feel you look stupid because you got the thingy the wrong way round.

My mom knows a great deal about Egypt and Egyptians. If you notice, we have a huge Egyptian papayrus painting on the wall in my living room.

Hmmm Egyptian ( I have a true blue Egyptian grandmother - rather mom call this grand dame 'Mom' so she must be my grandmother)...but based on myths, they love cats more than dogs. I don't mean to sound funny but I could be the son of a Egyptian man (thank goodness mom got to her senses). Please don't let her see this response (or I will not be given food and I can't share it with you)

Bers said...

You might find the lampshade is more comfortable if you turn it around! LOL

I'm so sorry you have to wear it, and hope it comes of very soon!

herbie said...

Hi bers, I wasn't wearing it coz I'm sick. My M just thought to make fun of me by making me wear it. She took it off soon after. :)