Thursday, August 03, 2006

Beware of Fur-rocious Dogs

Yeah, we're lean, mean, fighting machines. My M suddenly hit upon the idea of taking a picture of angry/ fierce me. Of course, I seldom get my hackles up, unless it's over my food or strange big male dogs humping me. Since none of the aunties would risk having their dogs near me when I eat, there's no way my M can get a picture of an angry me that way.

Speaking of letting other dogs near me when I eat... I'll only fight over MY food. As in, MY dinner bowl or MY bone. If it's given to another dog, I won't fight with the other dog for the food, but if it's given to ME, then it's jolly well MINE. That's why my M don't like me eating chew treats outside, coz I take my time chewing, and some inquisitive dog who comes too near will get his head chomped off. Apparently the aunties are well aware of that face, so everytime I'm having my dinner, they will remind their dogs that, 'killer dog eating ah, don't go disturb.'

Yeah, I'm a killer dog, geddit?

Which brings me back to the point. Since there's no food, and no strange big male dogs humping me, my M can only DIY my fierce look. Here's her feeble attempts.


Picture A: Show teeth, angry brows... but not fierce
Picture B: Show teeth, raised eyebrow... somehow I kinda look stupid in that
Picture C: Show teeth, I'm getting bored... my M says I look like a pig

So she got the expert help of Aunty W.... which resulted in

Picture D: More smiley hyena grin than fierce dog

So we got Uncle M to try... with all of us. Forgive the blurry pictures...

Don't mess with us!

I think Uncle M did a slightly better job. Scuba does look fiercer, maybe coz of his beady eyes. But somehow, it reminds me more of teeth competition than 'who's the fiercest dog' competition.

But do not let these pictures deceive you. I'm truely a killer at heart... so don't mess with me, especially my food!

Erm.. and ya... ahem... *growl*


Scuba said...

Hellooo, I am the victim here.

Deep down inside and also on the outside, I am just a softie

Charlie said...

We goldens are tough dogs!

- C