Monday, August 07, 2006


I had a truly wonderous dinner last night. My MM was the chef for the night, but the dinner was wonderful not because he's a great cook, but because he's a blur cook. You see, before my M left for work, she packed 2 plactic bags of mutton and pork, which was supposed to be my dinner for last night and tonight. One of the bags contained vegetables, so she told my M to 'cook everything in the bag with the vegetables'. I think my M only heard the 'cook everything' part, so viola, I got 900 grams of meat, almost a kilo!

My MM even told my M that night 'how come the dinner so much? Need to split into two bowls.', and my M, knowing that my dinner bowl was quite a small size, thought nothing of it....

... until today. She opened the refrigerator to cook my dinner to night and realised there's no meat! I've got no dinner!

Luckily, she called Aunty V and asked if I could have dinner at her place. And of course nice Aunty V agreed. I love Aunty V!

So I'll be having dinner at Scuba's later. What a wonderful start to the week!

(M: I did not realise that he actually ate so much last night, and he could still beg at V's house! And had durains! Talk about never-ending pit for a stomach!)


Charlie - The Big Dog said...

Hi Herbie,

Nice Chops!
Im glad your Aunt had some chow for you - I would guilt your humans into treats for a week after running out of doggie food! Thats just not on is it :-)


yl said...

time to really suck in the tummy... :P

herbie said...

Hey Charlie, ya... why, having no food is almost a sin! I'm glad Aunty V has food for me (although I'm gonna keep my muzzle shut about the part where I had 2 servings of dinner)

yl: The bad news is that my M weighed me on sunday night (the night with 2 dinners) and I've put on weight!!!!! She's thinking of cutting down my dinner a little. Even Aunty S said I'm getting heavier when she carried me. :(

Scuba said...

There is always food at Scuba's residence and my mom is always (too) happy to share food..... even if we don't, she would agree to feed my friends first then go and get the food later.

Ohhhhh the durian was yummy. I had 3 durian meal in 1 week already.

Huskee Boy said...

I want durian meals too!!!

ice said...

i never had durians for ages... can i visit u? my slave refused to let me eat cos i ... give out gas.. not so smelly what.

sorry for going home so fast tat nite, my brother wanted to go home. if we dun go back, he will try ways to go back himself...

lakeside girl said...

This blog of yours is very cool, very imaginative and endearing!


Haha, i enjoyed reading your little adventures! Keep it up! =)

Opy said...


You have been tagged by Opy - check out my blog to see what it's all about :-)