Saturday, August 19, 2006

I *heart* my bowl!

I'm gonna get a new water bowl, and a huge new dinner bowl as well, if my M can find a dinner bowl big enough (I say, the bigger the better! for more food!)

The reason my M was doodling the last time was coz she's making me a new bowl. This is what she bought at ikea...

Ceramic bowl

It may look big but it's only about 16cm wide. Joey's HC had already hinted that this size is perfect for him and Jack, talk about being fast! My M would like to know if anyone knows where to buy bigger, ovenproof ceramic bowls.

First to go on is my name.


Then the picture itself....


Considering that my M is not exactly artistically inclined, I would say that this is not too bad. It's actually traced from this photo here:

How's that for comparison? Next comes the painting part. Somehow I look kinda different with the color.

So far, so good

And finally, the finished product!

Oh well, not exactly finished. The bowl has to be dried first then baked before it can be used.

My friends are so envious that they have already started hinting about x'mas. Well, throw a few bones my way and I'll consider cajoling my M to make a few more... hiak hiak hiak


Joey said...

I overheard my HC already make appointment to bring your M to some shops next week to choose OUR (Jack&I) xmas present hehehe

Opy said...

WOW - Herbie, that bowl is great ! I wish my mum would make me one too - but she is terrible at that sort of thing :-(


Scuba said...

I don't own a ceramic bowl and would like one please.

ice said...

u gotta be very careful with ceramic bowls.. cos it gets chipped easily.. my brother's bowl had a chip cos i sent it flying when i saw a shihtzu lifting its leg to pee inside my house and i dashed over to stop it.. and knocked the bowl..

the bowl is so fragile.

herbie said...

Joey: really? that's great!

Opy: aw... tell your mum it's really easy. My M will do one for you if only you stay nearer.

Scuba: got it!

Ice: it's fragile for you maybe. I'm too lazy to run in the house. I'm proud to say that other than a few floormats in my early years, I've never destroyed anything else at home. :)

Huskee Boy said...

I also waaaaaaaaaaaaaaant one.. Aunty S!!! *pathetic look*

Jay said...

Hi Herbie, have you started using your new bowl yet? The water must be exceptionally sweet... since it's done with your M's TLC :)


Joey said...

I was at herbie's house, and he purposely went to the new bowl and drank loudly (if you know what I mean) to attract attention. I was so jealous that i went to drink from the new bowl too... and boy, it really taste sweet!

herbie said...


Jay said...

Wow! Herbie, you are such a nice doggie, sharing your new bowl with your friends. :)