Friday, October 19, 2007

Who is more afraid?

My M says I'm a scardey cat. Why is she calling me a cat again? She's been calling me that since Wed night, after she took me to the nearby coffeeshop to buy dinner.

It happened like this:
My M went to buy dinner, so she put me on a down-stay on the pavement while she went to collect the food. See diagram below:

I was initialy on the right of the empty table, and there's a family of 4 at the next table. I was quite near the pavement, and sniffing the yummy floor, when 2 big men saw 1 big man (the black dots) and they shouted to one another. (M: Actually, they're friends who bumped into each other and were calling out greetings)

Then the men started walking towards each other. I think they wanna fight so I went to rest at a safer place. Follow the paws to see my new resting place. (M: Actually, he was scurrying to the other side of the table with his butt tucked in, looking at the 3 men warily)

Then the family saw all of these, and they said this when they saw me coming nearer to their table:

Little girl (pink dot) : I scared he run over and bite me
Father (blue dot) : He more scared than you

So that's how I ended up being a cat. If only my big brother herbie was here, he'll pawtect me from scary big men.
(Divine Herbie: If I was there, I'll be ignoring them totally. I'll just lie in the middle of the pavement. Try and get me to scurry away just coz they wanted to chat? Over my dead body! Oh wait, was that supposed to be literally or figuratively?)

(M: I think Helios is afraid of loud/ coarse men. He's ok with tall, soft spoken men but tends to cringe with people who are not so 'refined'. It's strange since I don't remember he's had any bad experiences with them. Or it may just be the loudness, because Helios tends to jump at sudden loud noises as well.

I wanna be a dog again. How can I become a dog again?


Maggie & Mitch said...

Mitch would have reacted the same way, Helios! He gets nervous in situations that he's never experienced before and not all of them are friendly. Give it time - you're still very young! I would have barked my head off at the whole situation!

Love ya lots,

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Helios, I'd have been frightened too. :(

Amber-Mae said...

I used to be frightened of tall big & dark men. They look scawie sometimes & they look like they were going to bash me up or something but now, I'm a very independent girl! Firecrackers, thunderstorm, loud man noises, shouting, mommy scolding me, I'm not scared at all...I'm sooo used to them all. I'm not so scared being near cars too that are driving. Okay, I* might kill myself if I did that. Helios, don't be scared. If your M exposes you to more funny & loud noises like these, you will overcome your fear soon. Trust me!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh Helios, you are still a dog. I know you were just dropping by at the next table to say Hi...not like what your M said.

River said...

Oh Helios don't let it worry you too much - I am exactly the same - those big loud men just need to stay away from us dogs. I've learnt to bark with my ball in my mouth (so they can't steal my ball from me while I'm barking) and it seems to keep them away :)


Charlie said...

Helios, mom says we don't just look kind of alike, we act alike too! Except for that 'down stay' thing... I don't think you're a cat; you're just sensible!
- Charlie

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Best to ignore most people. Especially noisy ones, they make me nervous too. If you are with your own humans you will always be ok so don't worry.


Sundae said...


You are just too cute!