Sunday, October 07, 2007

Thank You

Yes, I know I'm supposed to be gone and not posting anymore, but I saw something and I felt I just have to leave a divine message here.

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for your prayers and kind words to me and my family. I would have tried to console my M that I'm in a better place but then again, she's never those spiritually attuned kind of people so I don't think I can manage to pass her any message.

The humans had a lunch gathering yesterday in my memory, which is good since I love food. They talked about me with love and joked about me as if I'm still there, saying what I would have been doing. Aunty G even allowed Jack and Joey to beg and eat from the lunch table (somethint which she NEVER does) because that would be something that I do, and the lunch is in my memory after all. I think J&J should thank me for that when it's their turn to join me at the rainbow bridge. Aunty G even said that since Jack likes guarding the gate so much, I should reserve a place for him at Heaven's gate. But I'll pity all those timid dogs coming to Heaven who go there because grouchy Jack will bark at all of them.

Uncle M tried to teach Helios how to speak. Unbeknownst to them, before I left, I have already taught Helios my philisophy in life, which is to 'Act Blur, Think Smart'. The less you pretend to know, the less the humans can make you do tricks for a miserable amount of treat. I'm glad that Helios has listened to my teaching and refused to bark.

Huskee's family offered condolences to my M and gave her, besides cards, a nice bear.

and because she said she got a headache from crying, they got her these as well:

They even got Helios a toy!

And Aunty G had bought this for me as a christmas gift, but now she gave it to my M. It's a January golden.

Isn't it nice? But I hope Aunty G had planned to give me something more than the figurine. I mean, it's nice, but it's not EDIBLE.

What baffled me is that, I'm the one who died here, how come they are the ones getting presents? What kind of logic is that? Shouldn't I be getting something, like food? Can't they do an airmail to Heaven? I know I'm supposed to have lots of food here, but there's no harm having MORE.

(M: I'm slowly getting to terms with Herbie leaving. Sometimes I pretend that he's still at Scuba's house, that's why he's not home, then I remember that he's never coming home. I'm ok with a conversation with friends as long as they don't talk about Herbie. Because, sometimes I can talk about him, but sometimes something will trigger off and the tears start.

The nights are the worse, and times when I'm alone. I try to do mundane things to take my mind off. But in the quiet of night, as I lay in bed, I can only think about him. How I can never say goodnight to him again. Herbie had a habit of sleeping on his bed once we go into the room for about 5 minutes, then he'll walk to the other end of the room to sleep on the floor, and throughout the night he'll alternate his sleeping places. I keep imagining the tipaty-tap of his nails as he walks across the floor. I keep getting up early in the morning and once I remember he's gone, I can't get back to sleep.

Sometimes it's the smallest thing that can trigger me off. I try to remember the fond times I had with him, then I realise I'm never gonna do that with him again. When I think about how I will never be able to cut his nails
(H:Thank got for that! You're a baaaad nail cutter!), or hug him, or bring him along as I take photos. A friend told me around the time Herbie began to get sick that her dogs loves Macdonalds Ice Cream and sometimes she'll give it to them as a treat. And I said, one day, I'll bring Herbie and Helios to our nearest Mac for a cone. I waited for Herbie to get better for the nice long walk, but he never did. And he left without eating Macdonalds. (H: Darn!)

His final resting place will never feel the same again. I look at the spot and I remember that's the place he chose to lie down and leave.

I'm glad that I took so many photos of him when he was alive, because there will never be another Herbie.


Holly said...


I'm so sorry to hear of Herbie's passing. I saw Charlie's post and thought I would stop over to give my condolences. It is very hard to lose a furkid. And even though you are not very spiritual, know that Herbie is now in a better place where he is free of pain. You did a good thing by fighting for him and giving him so much love.

Hugs to you,


Lacy said...

HI M, we r all sooo sorry.. this has been a very sad weekend..I havent been bloggin to long and herbie was one of the 1st blogs i read...i always came here, to c how he was doing...u and ur family are in all of our prayers, its hard to lose a family memeber...sooo just know, that we r here for u, anytime...most of us have felt the pain and the heartacke of losing one of our baby furkids...herbie knew u loved him and always wanted the best for him...their are a lot of tributes to him here now...sooo u r not alone in ur pain, we share that with in peace herbie, we all love u...

b safe,
lacylulu's mama, claudette!!!

T-man said...

We're so sorry to hear of the passing of your sweet boy Herbie... I've heard that the pain of losing a pet can be worse than losing a human family member. Big hugs to you, and please take care of yourself during this time. You've got friends here who understand this pain all too well.

Our sincerest sympathies,
T-man, CC-man and their mom

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

.....and now mum is crying all over again :-(

Herbie touched all of our lives, we will miss him so much.


Hammer said...

Dear M
We're all so sorry to hear about Herbie. My mum is crying very much. She was praying that Herbie would be alright. There will never be another Herbie, but he'll keep checking on you. Mum told me that Jessie, who is in Heaven, keeps checking on her all the time coz mum is so stoopid, and mum will need Jessie until they meet again. We truly feel very sad for you, and Helios too.
Love and hugs to you and Helios

fee said...

goodbye herbie. i'm sorry you had to go so soon. i hope you are happy and painfree where you are now.

dear m, we've only been visiting herbie's blog ever since we heard that he had been feeling poorly. both you and herbie have been put through so much the recent months and our hearts ache for you both each time we read a less than optimistic update of his condition. we know it will continue to hurt for a long, long time because herbie is so well-loved and so special. please continue to share your thoughts with us here if you feel like reminiscing about herbie.

lots of love and hugs,
fee and mom

Jasmine said...

we know it's not gonna be easy. and it's not as simple as us telling you to keep yourself busy...
Herbie has been a piece of you and it'll take a while for you to heal - by then, you'll remember the fond times and smile.

Herbie is a gift sent to you and vice versa. you had made him live to the fullest and remember, he was better with you than anyone else.

Jas, BamBam & Eski

Ume said...

Goodbye Herbie...
your departure left me shocked n speechless. run free at the Rainbow Bridge! i'm sure there's endless supply of yummy food there!

Hi M,
pls take care of yourself during this difficult period. we miss Herbie, n he will oways be remembered as 1 of the pioneer dloggers in SG, who's an absolute foodie!

Maggie & Mitch said...

Mom's tears have started all over again. We can only imagine how tough this is for you, M! Please know that we think about you sooooooooo often. Our hearts are absolutely breaking for you! Herbie was one-of-a-kind - he was so special and he will be missed for a long time to come!

Love ya lots,
Maggie, Mitch and their mom

Anonymous said...

We know it doesn't help much but we are sending your mum many, many hugs. She'll always have the wonderful memories you gave her to keep in her heart forever.


Amber-Mae said...

Yeap, I'm crying again! He was a wonderful wonderful boy to you & a wonderful friend to us all. Though we only became friends 4 or 5 months ago, he was like already a good friend of mine! You know, how I like making friends with Goldens...I think it would be great if Helios took over his blog & I know Herbie would want him to. He wouldn't want his blog to be empty & abandoned becoz of his lost. We all know he's in a better place with loads of delicious hooman FOOD! Herbie's M, I hope I could something that can cheer you up a little. I've requested mommy to sketch a picture of Herbie. She has done this before for my other friends & I think it'll be great if she has done one of him as a tribute & one of Helios too. I will ask her to do it soon but we need your home address. You can email it to me,

Hugs to you & Helios. RIP Herbie, we all will always miss the handsome you.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

MJ's doghouse said...

mj and i are very sad about herbie...but hope that the good memories...will. outweigh your losses....

WaymanWynn said...

My Pop has these words, though I don't understand all of them: "Sorry to hear of Herbie's passing. While nothing can replace the joy of being in the actual presence of these beings, we have their grace and love with us always, as we go one our daily journeys." Pop says that I must pass on the hugs he gives me to those on the other side, for them to pass on to all those who need them. So I'm passing on a bunch to you, Herbie, 'cause you're in a different place and can pass our hugs on to all those who never got too many in life. It's a big job, but you can do it. Say Hello to my Aunt Martha Jane. She went over the Bridge in 2003. We will always remember her and pass hugs over through her, and now you, old sport. -WW

Randi said...

Hi M, I hope my mom can type now cuz her eyes are all full of tears & they are making the keyboard all slippery...We are so sorry to hear of Herbie's passing....It not easy to lose someone you love so much...& everyday after today is sometimes not brother Dublin went to the bridge at the end of March & my mom still cries & cries....I'll have my mom send you some good poems & sayings....they will make you cry..but sometimes that's all you can do...All our love & kisses & nose nudges to you & your family...I know Dublin & Herbie are playing bitey face craziness right now..
Love & Licks,

Huskee Boy said...

Herbie will always have a special spot in the hearts of the people whose lives he'd touched simply because he is such a loving, mellow & easy-going guy. The lunch gathering was the best way that Herbie would have loved for us to remember him by!!
While it is easy for us to tell you that time will heal, I think that crying and reminicising about him him will keep his spirits alive in our hearts. I always have this mental image of him lying in his 'roast pig' position near the dining table in Scuba's house, waiting for food to 'drop' because that's how I last saw him.

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

We didn't get you or your family anything but Mom and I were sure you are either at your home or my house so we decided to cook and have a feast to remember you, after all you love food.

You wrote "They talked about me with love and joked about me as if I'm still there, saying what I would have been doing" and that was axactly what you told me and I posted it - "Grieve not, Nor speak of me with tears. But laugh and talk of me As if I were beside you"

Auntie S, there is no final resting place for Herbie. He will always be with you and we dogs can see him at the park, in our outings, at my house - only we don't and can't tell you.

Bella said...

Please log in and leave any messages you want !
Our thoughts and comfort to all of Herbies family now that he is no longer here in body - but he is in spirit.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

I'm still sad that Herbie has left us. It's really sad when furkids leave. But Herbie has left us many happy memories in DWB
Jack is going to guard the rainbow bridge gate? I think Fufu is glad that he went there already..

~ Girl girl

Snoopygirl said...

Hi Herbie's Hooman,

I got on this link from Joey (the JRT)'s site.

So sorry to hear about Herbie's passing. Wished that we could have met earlier though.

Anyway, he's free from pain and is running happily up in heaven with the other doggies now. I hope he can meet with my big sis Oofy too.

Take care and God Bless!!

Licks & cuddles,

S said...

Dear M

We are so fortunate that you've chosen to share Herbie with us. Even in your pain, you have continued to share you innermost thoughts. He is much loved, even by his virtual friends. Our hearts ache with yours.

S, CH, Alix & Sascha

Szu said...

Hi Herbie,
if you are still reading the blog, we want to tell u that we really miss you. We r sorry to always gang up and bully you... but we treat you as our best friend that's is why. Now, you dun have to worry abt me tugging your ears or Chili humping you. Mummy says she dreamt of you and you were well..she gave you a pat and a big hug and said goodbye. We love you Herbie! We'll always remember you.

Woof u,
Sugar, Chili, Sugar Daddy and Chili Mummy

eliza said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Herbie. I didn't know him well, but I can see from his blog that he was a beautiful dog and had a happy life with you. In the end, I think that's all that matters, that you brought happiness to him while he was with you and vice versa.

Johann The Dog said...

I just read about Herbie on DWB. I wish I would have know him and am sorry of his passing. Losing bestest friends is so difficult...our thoughts are with your family..Johann

Fluffy Porsche said...

Hi S,

It had been a sad year for many who had lost their precious furbaby. I had been popping by DS every now and then and at times Herbie's blog. He had been yr 1st dog and how hard you had manage to to keep him. I feel very sad and know how I wud feel if one day my Fluf were to go. I dunno if I can be as strong as those around me who had once lost their furbaby.

What I can say is, Herbie had lived in many people's heart and he will always be remembered.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Just got to know about the sad news. Sorry, I couldn't be there when the going was tough.

But I'm glad you have somewhat recovered. Time is a good healer and life goes on filled with the good and the not so good.

Things, people and pets come and go. Some of them may jar your life but others may bless. After the despair of the valley, there will always be the joy of the mountain peak. And I'm glad that you have Helios now.

No one is better placed to teach us how to be good responsible owners than the pet itself. Helios is blessed because of Herbie.