Saturday, December 09, 2006

Oops, I did it again

Let me tell you, Scuba's house is dangerous nowadays. It's full of booby traps to lure unsuspecting dogs into sin. Why do I say that? Well, because after Jack's horrendous punishment, it was my turn next.

Remember what I said about not stealing cat food? Well, apparently I forgot. The cat's bowl was left temptingly in the open and I could hear it calling out to me. Just as I took a few bites, I was caught right in the act by Aunty V. She went 'Oh no, Herbie!' and my M came flying with a kok on my head, a few slaps on my muzzle and thigh. After that I was made to do a down stay.

Me grovelling

I'm sowie....

The offending cat bowl

My M warned that I better not wake her up in the middle of the night if I have diarrhoea or she'll kok my head again. When we got home, she promptly stuffed a charcoal pill down my throat.

Well, the only consolation is that only Rafv was there to witness my humiliation. Tommy and Scuba was out for their walk.

I hope the charcoal pill works. If I get a tummyache again, I'll be in deep shit.... literally and figuratively.


Boo said...

argh herbie, cat food is not for us but but BUT....

that bowl looks so familiar! ah, it's my food bowl too.

no wonder you mistaken it as your own food. i dont think you should get the punish coz who ask them to put cat food into a doggie bowl?

wet wet licks


Buster said...

Oh Herbie, go for the kitty treats in the litter box!

Bussie Kissies

T-man said...

Hi Herbie,
I eat my kitty-aunt's cat food too. It's very yummy.

Thanks for your card! I love your photo in the BIG santa hat!

Joe Stains said...

Cat food is sooo good. Doofus prefers the cat food that comes out of the other end of the cat, because he is a DOOFUS!

I am glad you didn't get a belly ache. My brother the doofus got a habanero potato chip last night because my dad dropped it. Mom thought for sure he would be having the habanero squirts, but he seems ok this morning and no messes.

Boomer said...

Hi ho Herbie,

Thank you so much for the Christmas Card! Is that you with the Santa hat?

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years!


Opy said...

Hope you are okay Herbie - paws crossed :-)


Tin Tin said...

Uh oh Herbie.

Why on earth wouldn't you dig into the cat feed when it was there for the taking?

I hope you don't get a bellyache though. That'd be rough, dooog.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Ronak said...

Hi Herbie! This is our first time visiting your blog and we're really enjoying it... except I think getting your muzzle and thigh punished is a little extreme... especially since you were just doing what us doggies do best - eat and explore! Sheesh! No wonder you look so sad! I hope that your tummy is feel better. Happy holidays!

Sundae said...

Cat food are delicious! I always steal some when I go for walks during the Cats' feeding time. But, I too will get diahorrea after that. Hope the charcoal pill works for you.

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Herbie,
Ouchhh.. the 'koks' sound so painful (I can almost hear the sound!). Blame Ginger and Pepper for not finishing up their food!!

Huskee Boy

Lillie said...

I have the same problem as you! My mom gets mad at me when I try to steal my Kittie's food! She is so fat (the kitty) she needs to go on a diet. Can't your mom put the cat food up higher? That's what my mom did. Its up higher and I can't get it now. Hope your'e feeling better.

fufu said...

Herbie, hope your m not mad at you anymore. Was the cat food really that tempting?

~ fufu