Thursday, December 07, 2006

Double Standards

Humans are such unfair creatures, not like us dogs. From my friend's blogs, I've learnt that humans get upset when we wake them up in the middle of the night, poke them with our wet noses when they're sleeping, or attempt to steal, I mean, share their food. We get scoldings, punishments or the evil eye when we do that, so we, being nice dogs, try to avoid making our humans upset.

But do they give us the same respect? NoooOOooOOoooooo

I don't know about your humans, but my M sometimes like to take my food away while I'm still eating it, hold it for like 10 seconds and return it to me again. I don't see any point to that at all! Or when I'm asleep she will suddenly pounce on me with a bear hug and kisses. Not that I don't like kisses, but not while I'm asleep please! I just might be dreaming of a big juicy steak!

And see what they are doing to me here? I was off in zzZZzz-land, and they just had to go and disturb me. And they found it soooooo amusing that my tail will flip up in reflex thaty they just had to do it again, and again.... and again... and again!

I bet if I did the same thing to them, they'll throw a fit! We must fight for equality for us dogs! No more double standards!

PS: in case you're wondering, that's my MM's hairy leg.


Huskee Boy said...

Aiyoh.. poor Herbie.. But that video is too funny!! And I am amazed that you can continue to sleep through it all!!

Huskee Boy

snowbear said...

Wow Herbie! It looks like you subconciously wanna protect your *ahem*!! Hiaks!! Hiaks!!

Joey said...

Lucky u clarified it was your MM's legs. if not i would have inspect yr M's legs closly tonight hehehehe

Scuba said...

Keep it up Herbie

You slept through it all. I would too

rafv said...

Amazed.. You herbie.. Humans disturbing you so much but still put yourself into dreamland..

Very sensitive R,

Buster said...

Well Herbie, you've gotta admit that video is funny!

Bussie Kissies

yl said...

you are not a professional guard dog, arent you??? :P

joe stains said...

I tell you, the humans have no consideration for the sacrifices we make for their happiness.

Check out that video, they were torturing my little brother while he slept. I found it funny, because he gets on my nerves real bad, but it supports your case against the humans!

Bond said...

Hi Herbie,

I can see that you treasure your, ahem .... "Manhood" a LOT, and I mean A LOT ..... well, thats the only thing left I guess :P

fufu said...

Haa.. Herbie, you sleep so cute. :)

~ fufu

peony said...

hey Herbie,
We got your card ! Herbie looks great on Christmas hat, the photo should go for competition. haha. Thank you. We luv it.

Charlie said...

I, for one, think you're very smart to use your tail that way. Plus, if you ignore them, humans get bored & go away.

Thanks for your card! Like Peony says, you look great in that hat!
- Charlie

Sam I am said...

I am amazed at your vido gard those treasures.I got your card today ..And it was AWESOME ,how wonderful you look in your hat,Thank you bunches.Your card is hanging with my other ones up over my bowl..Will be sending your out on the 9th.sniff-sniff

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