Saturday, December 16, 2006

2007 - Gifts for pre-order

It's been a little more than a year since my blog was started, and soon we'll be ushering in the new year! And what has my M been busying herself with this festive season? Making presents and calendars!

Here's a sneak preview of what's on offer:

Year 2007 Calendar, featuring me and my friends, totally produced by my M.

Dog bowls, hand painted by my artistically challenged M. I can't show you the inside of the bowls coz my friends have not opened their presents yet, but you can make a guess from the outside of the bowl who's getting what. No prizes for guessing which one is Jack and Joey's tho...

All items are available for order. Payment will be in drumsticks, marrow bones, pork chops or in kind. There will be a waiting time for bowls, and no complaints will be entertained if you think that the picture does not look like you. Like I said, my M is artistically challenged.


VnChewie said...

Herbie! Photos very nice! Your M very artistic what!! Love the bowls. My M is too lazy to do such things!! LOL... But then I rem once she gave me a bowl with a picture of a dog's face below, I was so scared I dared not even drink water from the bowl!!!

Buster said...

Excellent gifts! I'm gonna hafta move to S'pore and start hanging out with you guys!

Bussie Kissies

Jay said...

Wow!!! The pressies are all so nice, esp the calendars... NICE!


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Herbie,
You are joking right?? Your M is not the least 'artistically challenged'.. I think those look real lovely! (In case you are interested to see some REAL artistically challenged drawings, let me know. My pa is real good at those.. but he calls them 'abstract art'..)

fufu said...

Herbie, I love the 2007 Calendar. How to order?? Payment in drumsticks ah? I only got sunflower seeds. :(

~ fufu

Sunshade said...

OMG!!! They are all so nice!! I love the bowls and the calendar!! I bet your mom is a perfectionist Herbie, that's why she thinks she's artistically challenged!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

rafv said...

Which means I have these present,right? Woahhh!!!! Can't wait to open my present!! Especially my mum. Last night, She called me and said that let her open "My"present! uumm.. I told her "let me think about it" though.

r R r

Cha Cha & Yuki said...

Nice presents!! By the way, you've been Christmas tagged!! Come to my blog to read what this is all about!

Boo said...

wow herbie,

those are nice gift items! mama tried her hand on making table calendar and so far only managed to come up with 4... 3 for my pals and 1 for herself. chey!

wet wet licks


Mocha said...

Herbie, my mommie love your M's wonderful calendars!

Ooh ya the photos of the bowls reminds me... my mommie has given up on her own challenge of trying to create a personalised bowl for me. Do remind my mommie to return the blank bowl to your M, because it will be more fully ultised by her than my lazy mommie.

Daisy & Waverly said...

What a great idea the calendar is! And such lovely bowls! Your M paints really well, Herbie! You need to send her some affirmation! Wish we could have such lovely bowls too but Missy's sure to chip them somehow :x Anyways, we're dropping by to tell you you've been Christmas tagged! Check out our webbie to find out more. Here's wishing you a blessed Christmas and a new year filled with more and bigger drumsticks!

Scuba said...

No wonder my Christmas present from you and your M is put right behind the tree. Mom keep saying "Fragile, no going near this one"

Scuba said...

No wonder the present from you is tuck away under the tree. Mom said "this is fragile"

Chloe & Fluffie's Mummie! said...

Hi! I got here from Scout's blog. I love your mummy's bowls! Can Chloe & Fluffie order some? =)

herbie said...

chewie: My M now has a LOT of time on her hands, so she can do such stuff. And I drink from a bowl with my face on it everyday.

Buster: Sure, start packing up!

Jay: Thanks!

Huskee: That's only the outside of the bowl... wait til you see the INSIDE. It's her painting of dogs that looks erm... challenged.

fufu: I'm not sure if dogs can eat sunflower seeds, but if we can, it'll take a LOT of seeds for the calendar.

Sunshade: Let's wait until after x'mas, when the presents are opened, and listen out for howls of horror when they see the INSIDE.

Rafv: Well, if you wait for your mummy, then you can only open your presents AFTER x'mas. But I think you should wait, coz I think it's more fun opening presents with your mummy than with your daddy. Your daddy not much reaction one.

Cha Cha & Yuki: Sigh, I've already been tagged... but I;m procrastinating. lol

Boo: At least she managed to make some. Next time ask her to make food, at least I think that will be better for US.

Mocha: Ok, ask your mum to give my M back the bowl. Maybe she can do something with it to scare you.

Daisy & Waverly: Tagged again! Sigh....

Scuba: Yup, it's fragile. So don't step on it.

Chloe & Fluffie: And payment will be in terms of which animal? Chicken? Pork? Beef?