Thursday, January 28, 2010

Zhng my netbook!

Remember I said that my M is planning to do something else with the photos she drew of us?

This is what she did... with her netbook:

Isn't that nice!


Kadeline (KAIXIN) said...

Hi Helios's Ma. Please help keep a lookout for Grace, thanks! :)]

Homer said...

Hi Helios, I still can remember the first time when I met you and Herbie but I didn't expect that would be the last time that I'll be seeing Herbie....

Anyway, if I ever go back to Singapore, shall we meet up again and also see you little sister> That would be fun!

The Missus

Ebi n' Emma said...


pretty pretty!!

didn't know can use photos to customize & g-masked onto netbook/lappie! =)

Sam said...

OMD! That is adorable!