Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year and update on my barkday

First of all, a very Happy New 2010 to everyone! Me and my M started the new year by going to the beach early this morning to try and catch the sun rise with her friends. I told her, why must she catch the sun when she can catch me, since my name have the word sun too?

She said it's a different sun. Frankly I can't tell but I'm just happy to be out with her. She said she will try and see if there's any nice peektures.

And now, an update on my barkday. My M says I'm officially an adult now so I can vote, drink and watch R(21) movies.

On X'mas eve, after baking the cake, I finally had a chance to eat it, but we had to do some things first.

Take peektures...

It took a lot of convincing to make me take this peekture coz I refused to go near the dangerous fire on my cake. I don't know why my M tried to burn my yummy cake. Luckily, my baby sister and Tommy's baby brother managed to help me put out the fire.

After that we managed to take a proper (and safe) peekture. Safe also because Jack and Joey were kept aside. They couldn't take the peekture with us because if they stand too near the cake, there'll be none left for the rest of us.

There must be something about white dogs. Even Scuba tried to steal my cake while me and Tommy were still posing. Luckily he's not as fast as Jack and Joey so we managed to save the cake.

Here's us testing the cake first before it was taken away to be cut up.

And on my actual barkday, my M cooked my yummy steak and a fried egg. She also gave me some of her carbonara!

More peekture taking...

Chomp... chomp...

What a wonderful end to a great year!

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Sam said...

Helios, it looks like you had a wonderful Barkday! We are so glad! We can't believe how big your little sister has gotten! We hope you and your family have a wonderful 2010!

Sam and Cisco