Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Barkday Cake!

How time flies! I'm gonna be 3 years old next week and since the humans are having a x'mas eve party tonight, my M decided to have an early celebration for my Barkday too! So she's gonna make me a yummy cake. You can try out this recipe at home too but there's no guarantee how it'll turn out coz my M does everything in estimation.

Sorry if the photos turn out blurry or with a strange color cast coz my M left her camera at Scuba's house and she had to make do with her phone's camera.

First, you'll need these:

Of course, what's a doggie cake without meat? So you'll need this too:

Minced beef (or whatever meat), stir fried with chopped garlic. Then boil and mash the potatoes.

Mix them with the egg (coz I think the egg holds everything together)

My M happens to have some left over cream and she was afraid it'll spoil if kept for too long so she added it in as well but you can skip this if you want.

And how can a cake not have flour? So we have the healthier wholemeal version. It's also to soak up any excess juice if your mixture is too soggy.

Mix, mix, mix. I wanted to help but my M won't let me.

But in the end she found something that I can help out with.

I think this is a very good job for me, cleaning hands.

This year, my M decided that instead of the usual round or square cakes, she'll try something special. Can you guess what?

She's gonna make me a Me cake!

And this is what the finished me looks like!

Complete with 3D ears!

After that it's baking time, about 200 celcius for 30 minutes. Then the cake has to be cooled down before we can start decorating.

Speaking of decorating, my M was actually wondering if there's any sugarless, or healthy icing (for dogs). She's not a cake person so in the end she used cream cheese again. But she'd like to try something else (with some color hopefully) next year. Drop a note if you have a recipe please!

ok, so here's the cream cheese deco in progress...

And the completed one...

Now comes the hard part.... trying to put my name on it.

My M DIYed the 'icing' with mashed sweet potatoe (actually she cooked 4 sweet potatoes but ended up using only one).

Luckily my name came out all right.

And here come the hardest, hardest part....

Taking a photo with my cake but not being able to eat it... *pout*

My M says I have to wait til the pawty tonight to share with my friends.

PS: Psstt.... I've actually had a secret lick when she wasn't looking. Don't tell her that.


Maggie and Mitch said...

Your barkday cake is just beautiful and it looks so yummy, Helios! Make sure you post pictures of you eating it!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Anthony said...

Helios. U really gave new meaning to the words "finger(s) licking good".

Sam said...

That is beautiful! We love it here! We will have to try it for Cisco and Sam this year!

Sam and Cisco

R said...

What a clever idea and beautiful cake! You're so lucky Helios! Happy barkday by the way!

Sami & Baylee said...

Happy Barkday Helios your cake sure soes look yummy!
xoxox Sami

Bae Bae said...

That looks very yummy.
Happy birthday to you Helios. ;)

~ Bae

summer said...

The cake looked amazing and delicious.. thanks for sharing the recipe. Happy Barkday Helios!!

Kasha said...

I can't believe that cake! That is wonderful! Happy Birthday and Happy New years!