Sunday, September 23, 2007


I found my appetite 2 days ago, but I think I lost it again. I didn't feel like taking my dinner tonight and only took 2 mouthfuls. My M had to try and force the rest down my throat, and in the end I only finished half my dinner.

Has anyone seen my appetite? I need it back.


Faya said...

Oh Herbie.... I meet you this morning in the chat room and I only can tell you again that I hope you will feel better soon.
(sorry for my english...). Je pense à toi très fort !
Kisses, Faya

Maggie & Mitch said...

Shoot, Herbie! What can your personal chef do to make everything more tasty for you? Gravy maybe? Tell her, Herbie and I bet she'll listen to everything you have to say!

Love ya lots,

Lacy said...

woofies, herbie!!!wat r we gonna do wiff u young man...u has got to eat to keep ur strength up...two mouthfuls is not enuff....i know u trying...but try harder sweetie so u can get well soon..

;) lacylulu

The Brat Pack said...

Come on Herbie, you really have to try to eat more. Can she make you anything more tempting? Filet Mignon?

Hang in there Pal,
The Brat Pack

Herbie said...

well, my M thought that dinner last night was not bad. She cooked pan fried fish fillet, mutton cubes with herbs and fried vegetables. Then she mixed it with yoghurt. But I still didn't like it. Helios wolfed down his portion tho.

Asta said...

I think of you all the time..i wish I could cook you something that would make you want to eat...pleez twy sweet Herbie
smoochie kisses

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh dear Herbie, I hope you'll find back your appetite soon and get better

~ Girl girl

Charlie said...

Herbie, I think I've got your missing appetite. Mom says I should send it right back, so here it is... Seriously, get well buddy!
- Charlie

D said...

Hang in there herbie! Think Happy Thoughts! Tell all that yucky stuff to get out of your body coz you wanna fill it wiv yummy steaks instead!

Tell your M to be strong and positive for you! Tell you wat...get better soon and I'll tell my Mummy to bring you snacks when we next meet at the dog run ok?

*lotsa licks*

Anonymous said...


be strong and eat! your M will be sad if you dont eat more.

U need food to get well faster.

Noah the Airedale said...

Hi Herbie, we've only just come across your blog. We hope you're ok and you get your appetite back. We're thinking of you matie!

Noah, Willow, Tess & Lucy

Huskee Boy said...

** Lost **

Item: Herbie's appetite
Last seen: Last week
Reward: Unlimited supply of licks and kisses from me..

Awwwww.. Herbie, mom and I are so sad that you aren't eating. It's like 'how can Herbie not like his dinner?'.. Shall I get mom to make some of her patties for you?

Amber-Mae said...

Oh Herbie, please eat... Is it becoz your stomach is hurting? You need some appetite pills or something to get your appetite back.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Hi Herbie! I came by to help tuck you in nighties. Kiss kiss you big ole sweetie!~

Bussie Kissies

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh shucks Herbie. I am so sorry that you lost your appetite. I sure hope it returns. Do you wanna borrow mine???

BIG hugs to you!

M. said...

hang in there Herbie, many many healthful thoughts your way, you'll get well soon!