Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm Back!

I'm back eberyone! Now that my big brother herbie is a little better, I've moved back for a few days now. I went with him to the vet yesterday, and the vet says he doesn't have to go back everyday to be poked now since his condition is stable. The vet says his condition is not getting any better or worse, so until the results of his lung poke comes back, he can stay at home.

But the vet gave him a LOT of anti-bio-ticks. I don't know why herbie needs so much anti-ticks when we don't have any ticks. Now he's gotta eat a big pink tablet, 2.5 small tablets, and 2 capsules. If these don't kill the ticks, I don't know what will. And we weighed ourselves at the vet, now I'm the same weight as Herbie! I've caught up with Herbie at last! (M: No you've not, it's because herbie has lost weight)

Anyway, although my big brother herbie is sick, he's still not sick enough to not scold me. Last evening when my M took us down for toilet break, I was so happy I started zooming around and wanted to get herbie to play by running and bumping into him. I think herbie got angwee coz he barked at me.

So since Herbie doesn't wanna play, I tried playing with Joey these few days. The humans say I have a habit of attacking with my butt when I play. I will swing my bum bum around to whack the other dog or try to sit on their faces. Aunty G says it's rude coz I kept whacking her instead when I was trying to get Joey.

Butt attack!

Also, my M says I'm a scaredy cat. I don't know why everyone calls me a cat when I'm a dog. Herbie called me a copycat the last time. I am a dog, right?

It's not entirely my fault, my M took me to the market a week ago, but Herbie didn't come coz he was sick, then it started raining with thunder and people walking with huge sticks with cloths (M:Umbrellas!!!) and aunties with their shopping trolleys. So I got spooked by all these.

(M: Helios would jump at every loud noise and look around with his head lowered. When Herbie was with him, he seldom does that. He might get startled, and when he sees no reaction from Herbie, he'll settle back down. Without herbie by his side, he get's a little more jumpy.

I think I need my big brother Herbie to pawtect me from all those scawie noises. I hope he gets well soon to go marketing with me.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Your tail sure is wagging very hard Helios. I can almost feel like your wagging tail is fanning me. hee hee

~ Girl girl

Anonymous said...

Very happy to hear that things are a bit better
Reiki, prayers and love

Amber-Mae said...

Hehehe, you have the same butt leaning habit as my sista Chloe! My mommy says it's rude & sickening, hehehe...Chloe sometimes do that to me too so I'll just bite her leg, keke! Herbie seems to have energy to wag his tail like that. Hope he gets even much better soon!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Helios said...

amber, that's not my big brother herbie, that's our friend Tommy.

Herbie never wags his tail so hard, even when he is well. My M always says his wags are like gentle waves, not like mine at all.

Charlie said...

I play exactly the same way, Helios! I wish we could play together -- we could whack each other with our bums and sit on each other's heads... it would be awesome!!

Take care of your big bro!

- Charlie

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Herbie is on the mend - sounds like Helios needs him around too!!


Cubby said...

Boxer healing vibes going out to Herbie!

Helios, you are funny!