Sunday, September 16, 2007

Herbiestein & Steak

I went for my 2nd acupucture treatment on Saturday, and Scuba came along for his treatment as well. This time, I had a LOT more needles poked into me, and my M said I look like frankenstein.

5 on the head...

Countless on the body...

some on my leg...

And guess where they put the last needle??!!?

Above my butt!!!

Of all places!! Apparently the vet said that that is the acupoint for bowel movements, and since I've been having loose/ soft stools recently, this is supposed to help. I tell you, a dog has NO privacy at all!

On top of it, the vet put on some mild electric current to stimulate the acupoints. I look even more like frankenstein now with all those wires. I'm just glad that he did not try to electrocute my butt.


Remember what Helios said about the needle being fine at the other end? Here's a close up pic of it.

The vet, who actually does acupuncture for humans, and studied acupuncture for animals as an interest, asked my M if she's ever done acupucture before, and offered to let her try to see if it's painful. So my M bravely agreed to try one needle. If one is brave, I'm a heroic dog with the amount of needles poked in me! She should try getting one at her butt too!

Only on the hand?!?

Scuba tried acupuncture too but that scardey dog screamed when the first needle went in, scaring the hell out of the vet.


He also managed to shake off a few needles, so that screaming baby got a lot less needles than me.

Only 4??!!?

Oh... remember that I overheard my M saying something about steak? She kept her promise! I had steak, and other stuff for dinner that night.

Sizzling steak with garlic

With pan-fried fish in herbs and lemon

and sauteed mushrooms in butter

The end product... with salad

And of course, we had to take picture with the food before we can eat it. You can see Helios was quite upset that he can't dig in immediately. As for me, I'm pretty happy that I'm gonna have a fantastic dinner soon!

Helios: Why can't I eat now???

Finally after a few shots, we were given the 'okay'.

Bon appetite


And silly Helios thought that I would leave crumbs for him. He just had to double check my bowl. I tell you, we licked it so clean that I could have told my M not to bother with washing the bowls.

Check out the clean bowls!

On a side note, I'm removing my stitches on Thursday, so my M will check with the vet if I need any medication for the infection, since right now I'm not on any 'western' medication. However, the TCM vet did give me some herbs which will boost my immunity and reduce the size of the swelling lymph nodes. I've just started on them yesterday and I think it'll take some time to take effect. And the herbs are not cheap either!

More updates later~


Snowball said...

Your dinner looks yummy!!! You deserve the big treats after the ordeal BUT, why is Helio getting the same dinner? Did yout M gave you are bigger serving or an extra piece of steak since this is a celebration for you?


Maggie & Mitch said...

I would have been screaming just like Scuba did! Yucky needles! Your steak dinner sure does look good and your bowls are HUGE! I love the look on Helios's face!

Love ya lots,

barley said...

Ewww!! A needle on your butt O_o U are one brave doggy Herbie!! Ooh the steak + fish dinner looks really yummy!!~

Aunt Trish said...

Wow-wee the needles and treatment sure look scary! I bet it must have been somewhat painful and you’re just a good boy to take all that in your stride!

On the other hand, your dinner sure looked mouth-wateringly good! Helios is a bit like Waverly and you’re a bit like Daisy, always a good sport, always smiling for the camera! =)

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Ack!! You sure are a brave boy Herbie. I think I would scream louder then Scuba if I'm the one being poke. Your dinner looks yummilicious

~ Girl girl

Amber-Mae said...

Yikes! Sooo many needles on you Herbie. Hope it didn't hurt too much. I mean, after reading what you wrote about Scuba when he got poked by those needles too...It must have hurt! I can't believe they poked your butt too, ouch! But you deserve that steak after a day of torture at the vet.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely pawsome looking dinner - almost makes those needles worth it (by the way I really hope they're helping you!!)


Ferndoggle said...

I think I would take a needle in the butt for that dinner! Looks better than what my human's eat!


Abby and Jack said...

Hi Herbie! We were so glad to hear that you do not have lymphoma! That is suck great news! Enjoy your steak dinner and say hi to Helios for us!

Abby and Jack

Joe Stains said...

yowza a needle on your BUTT! that stinks! I would have been screaming like scuba I am sure of it!