Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Beach Again

ok, so the photos are finally sorted.... so here it goes...

On this trip, my M and MM decided to go into the water as well, so they decided to try luring me into swimming voluntarily. Well, I don't like swimming, but I don't mind standing in the water as long as my paws can still touch the ground. The waves were big and the tide was high that day.

So I just stood there initially...

Feet touching ground, water at a respectable height

But then the tide started getting higher....

Water getting into my eyes!

Feet still touching ground, but I'm gonna drown soon

Just as I decided to turn around and save myself...

Better leave before I drown

They did a most despicable thing!

Dried treats!

I told them to bring it nearer for me, but they wouldn't hear of it.

I... can't.... reach....

And I was getting nervous because I felt a pair of eyes behind eyeing MY treat.

Joey: Are you gonna eat it or not?

Joey: I'm coming to get it if you don't want it!

Joey: Hurry up, make up your mind!

In the end, my MM gave up and gave me the treat. I thought I had won, until... he decided to carry me out into the sea.

Save ME!!!

Why do they have to do this EVERY time?

Well, Joey, after realising that there's no food for him, went back to playing ball.

^#&@%*( wasted my time for the treat!

Tornado Joey launching off!

And we had a few rare guests that day as well! Chewie and Lolo! Because their dad is very busy, so we seldom see them in the mornings. They usually join us for night outings so my M has very little pictures of them.

Chewie: I can finally see the Beach, during the day!

Lolo: I just caught a fish from the sea!

As for Rafv, he was initially happily swimming in the water, until a great big wave spooked him off.

I love swimming... dum di dum dum

Just as he reached dry land and was about to shake himself dry, a mini tsunami crashed into him from above.

Incoming wave!

and after that huge wave, he refused to swim. He'll brake everytime he gets near to the water.

Woah!!!! That was close!

But he really, really wanted Lolo's fish, so he ventured into the water, but only up to chest level.

Here... fishie fishie fishie...

And waited for fishie to drift into his mouth.


I sort of suspect Rafv will soon be joining the anti-swimming club.

Speaking of anti-swimming, Scuba was not let off as well.

Don't make me swimmmmmmmm

The humans tried luring him with his favourte plastic bag toy, but he refused to take the bait.

What do I look like? Mr Stupid?

After what happened the last time at the beach, Uncle M did not want to become Mr Unpopular again, so my MM volunteered to carry Scuba in.

Not again!

The bad news is, Aunty V wanted my M to take a nice shot of Scuba swimming, but just as he was dragged out into the sea, my M realised that her memory card is full, and had to run back to the bag to get a new one. So Scuba had to be dragged back to the sea again.

Why is this always happening to me?

Of course, he was much, much happier once he got onto dry land.

Better run away before I get caught again!

Tommy, as usual, was having fun frolicking in the water.




Tommy even got a brand new toy that day, but don't ask Aunty W how much she got it for. I think she got cheated and paid a higher price... hiak hiak hiak

I want that NEW toy!

Say, Tommy looks really skinny like that. Maybe I should wet my fur and lengthen myself so that everyone will think that I'm thin and start feeding me more.

*sings* Got a new toy, a new toy, a new toy

Oh, and my M has a thing about taking photos of unglam shaking dogs. So to conclude this post, here's us waving/ shaking goodbye~~

PS: In case anyone of you noticed, there's no pictures of Jack, because, Jack was doing what he was doing on every trip to the beach, which is just to sit there and look grumpy.


Rafv said...

Oh so unglam me this time... I now realized that my face reaction is so ugly :) esp shaking off water!

I better cover up my ugly side from Herbie's mum eyes.. otherwise
I really have no face..


Noname said...

Hahaha, funny. Drawing on Rafv gives us a better idea. hahaha...

Fu Fu said...

Hee looks like you guys had a great time at the beach. I like the pic of joey eyeing your treat. Hee.. And Rafv swiming looks so cute with his eyes closed.

~ fufu

Scooby said...

I support you Herbie. I am scared of going to the beach too and ran away when the waves chased me. My mum and dad weren't much help - they laughed at me!!!

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Love those pics, in particular the one of Herbie swimming head on - beautiful.

But then the pic of Scuba swimming is a classic too! You can read on his forehead, "Get me outta here!".

Thanks for the trip to the beach.

julee said...

hi, I read in today's Straits Times about this poor Siberian Husky named Chewie which was severely beaten up by this sales manager for biting his fiancee's hand. Just wondering whether this is the same Chewie in your pics .... hope not.

Btw, I really enjoy your blog.

julee said...

got the answer to my question about Chewie on reading Joey's blog. That's really horrible.

Maggie said...

What great pics!!!! Every single one of them! My hoomans just love the beach. I like the sand part - not the water!

Love ya lots,

Joe Stains said...

I would be JUST like jack! all of those pics are SO great! especially Joey trying to get the treat!

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Herbie,
I love that pic of Rafv with the fishie in his mouth.. such a cute expression!!Your look is priceless too.. ur HM is a good photographer!

Herbie said...

Rafv: My M always like to take unglam pics of me... so you be careful ah!

noname: Ya, my M got her back facing rafv when the wave came in so no pictures

fufu: We did have a great time, minus the swimming of course

scooby: evil... evil humans!

Mark & Cream: thanks for the nice comments :)

julee: thanks for visiting, yes it's poor chewie but he has recovered, thank dog!

maggie: you're exactly like me!

Joe: You hate the sea as well?

huskee: maybe next time you should come with us to the beach!

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Herbie,
That was some awesome beach trip. Thanks for sharing all of the kewl pictures with us. You guys sure have lots of fun together. Have a great week!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Belly said...

Those photos are so super! I can't stop looking at them. Yay!

Melissa-Jane said...

Wow, your M sure take really beautiful pictures!!! Must have a very good camera there huh??? Love the skaking part...